Maria Carey has insured himself for $ 70 million

Мерайя Кери застраховала себя на 70 миллионов долларов

American singer , Keri Maria found a way how to make money on the Golden voice that has noticeably faded in recent times. Recall that the last live concerts shocked even the most loyal fans of the actress and had to admit that he is unable to perform their hits.

Western media reported that Maria Carey has insured her body and her voice for 70 million dollars. Now, if she is physically hurt or have any problems with the voice, and still makes money.
Soon the singer goes on a world tour The Sweet Sweet Fantasy, which is a must visit not only Europe, but also Africa. To be safe from emergency situations, Maria insured his body for $ 35 million and the same number rated their voice.
For celebrities insure their body and voice are not new. For example, Jennifer Lopez long appreciated their buttocks in 27 million dollars, and Rihanna has insured his legs for a million.

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