Maria, Carey fired her stylist with the scandal

Мерайя Кери уволила своего стилиста со скандалом

Christmas eve starts documentary program about the life and work of American singer Merii Carey, “the World of Merii”, which was originally created as a reality show, but due to changes in the personal life of the artist had to change the subjects and format of the show.

From the episode, which will broadcast on December 18, Maria again demonstrated his liking of “pop diva” and fired his stylist after a bad NAP. After one of the show Cary was so unhappy with his appearance, what with the scandal asked the Manager to immediately dismiss an employee who is not pleased with her hair. In fact, Maria always did the same hairstyle and bouffant, but that time she was not in the spirit of a stylist named Larry came under the hot hand.
“Give me the Kid immediately,” demanded the star from their managers former stylist Danielle, Piano. However, this was not so easy.
“Danielle wants too much money, it will be cheaper if you’re going to do your hair. I couldn’t agree with her agent,” said Stella’s friend and Manager Merii and advised her not to dismiss everyone. The words of the Manager of the offended Keri, and we are not very surprised if in the next episode of the programme of work will look and the Stella.
We will remind that in September of this year, Maria broke up with her fiancé James Packer, who was going to get married this summer. She could not carry out conceived official husband Nick cannon, who was convinced the singer that this choice is her fault, and that he will not allow her to do it. In early September, Maria persuaded her husband to give her freedom, but as soon as Keri was free, James told her that all of this public life was not for him, and the couple broke up.