Maria Carey divorced with her husband few days before breaking up with fiancé

Мерайя Кери развелась с мужем за несколько дней до расставания с женихом

Maria, Keri is now officially a free woman. Just a few days before breaking up with his fiance, Australian billionaire James Packer, an artist divorced from her husband Nick Cannon. Thus, they completed a long divorce process. The couple agreed on joint custody of children, and saved each other from financial obligations, and alimony.

As reported by TMZ, the couple built a wedding plans the day before that ill-fated trip to Greece, during which they broke up. Recall that, according to insiders, James was not accustomed to be in plain sight, said he could no longer endure such a life. They began to quarrel and came to the conclusion that they can’t be together. At the same time, an engagement ring with a diamond of 35 carats, Maria not going to return.