Maria Carey celebrated Easter with the children and ex-husband

Мерайя Кери отпраздновала Пасху с детьми и бывшим мужем

Again, a lone American singer, Keri Maria not ready to change their usual life. Despite the fact that Nick Cannon, former husband and father of her two children, the actress has separated, they still celebrate all the big and little holidays.

On his page in the social network, the singer published a photo, which she sealed with the Nickname and five year old children Marakkanam and Monroe while painting Easter eggs. The whole family gathered around the kitchen table and is preparing for the holiday.
With his previous boyfriend Bravana Tanaka Meray broke up a little over a week ago. Say, young and hot choreographer thoroughly carried brain singer by his jealousy to her … children. So, the last time they had a falling out over the fact that Tanaka demanded Merayu urgently to leave the kids with Nick and to get to it. The artist, not accustomed to such treatment boyfriend, whom she, in addition, fed-fed-clothed-slept, I decided to put a fat point in their relationship.