Мария Берсенева рассказала о драме в жизни
Actress serious health failed.

Maria Berseneva

Photo: @Instagram berseneza Maria Berseneva

In the house to Maria Berseneva knocked trouble. As it became known, as early as 1 November, the actress of theatre and cinema will need to undergo complex surgery on the spine. About what the test has prepared her for the fate of Mary, wrote in his microblog.

According to Berseneva, due to exhaustion from a very busy work schedule, her health seriously gave way. A few days ago, she was diagnosed with intervertebral hernia. As a result of disease Mary will soon be a surgery to install implants in the spine, otherwise, as fears Berseneva, it may lose the ability to move the legs.

The actress admits that the expectation of such a major surgery is not easy. Primarily due to the fact that not all friends of the artist behaved in a difficult situation as she expected. “There was a lot of time to think… and that is this: I am grateful to God for what happened to me! It’s true — the beginning of Mary. For several days I saw very much and even more, perhaps more than I’ve seen in my entire life and realized that so persistently did not want to understand… Friends are learned in trouble… I will Say this: everyone and everything is known in trouble, and we tried, as a rule, for themselves and in the extent of their “depravity”… a Lot I won’t tell… But one thing is certain — my world will never be the same! Thank you, Lord, for this test! It was for me a magnifying glass. Give me the strength and courage to this jerk…”

Fans write her a huge amount of words of support and wish her a speedy recovery.