Maria Berseneva have a serious operation on the spine

Марии Берсеневой предстоит серьезная операция на позвоночнике Star of the TV series “Margot” has admitted that will soon go into the hospital. Active lifestyle and constant shooting turned out to Berseneva health problems. A little more, and a celebrity no longer be able to walk.

      35-year-old actress Maria Bersenev has told fans about his health problems. Due to the active lifestyle the woman didn’t have time to follow him. The result Berseneva have a serious operation on the spine. According to celebrity, it is time to seek medical attention. If Mary didn’t, she wouldn’t be able to walk.

      “When you’re running through life gait, and you want to do everything, help everyone, to know and understand, places to visit, to play many good roles and you all think that it is not yet time to stop, look, relax a bit and given a modicum of time to myself… the Body decides for himself! Here and I think it’s time to stop is long overdue… And now it is a necessity of life or I won’t go. On the 31st of October I go to the hospital I had the surgery on the spine. Hernia taking off vertebrae , implants… Fun, in General,” said Maria in his Instagram.

      Fans of the star of the series “Margot” strongly supported her and began wishing Berseneva a speedy recovery. “Would to God that all went well”, “Let the surgery and recovery will be successful”, “You’re strong, you can do it, we are with you”, “Praying for you, stay strong, you are wonderful”, “Keep a positive attitude”, “don’t be sad, eat more vitamins – fruits and vegetables”, “was struck by your message, you defeat the disease and will delight us with his game again,” wrote in the comments to the publication of the actress.

      Some time later Mary thanked followers for their kind words. The woman admitted that she did not expect such a violent reaction its subscribers. Bersenev also revealed that many strangers offered to help her – not only online but over the phone.

      “My beloved and dear people. I want to say a big thank you from all my heart! I have no words how much I am amazed, bewildered and touched to the core of your support. Can’t Express all the feelings that I experienced during these three days… the Phones do not cease, I do not have time to charge. I even could not imagine that this could be. Called me even strangers who have offered help, it is appreciated! Crying non stop. Thank you, thank you, my best people, I embrace you all together and individually,” admitted the star in social networks.