Maria Berseneva had surgery on the spine

Мария Берсенева перенесла операцию на позвоночнике
The actress spoke about the state of his health.

Maria Berseneva

Photo: @Instagram berseneza Maria Berseneva

Maria Berseneva recently finally were able to leave the hospital, where he spent the last week and a half. How to tell the actress that she had undergone surgery on the spine. Now Maria is feeling much better, however, to return to normal life at Berseneva so far is not possible. The artist thanked his fans for their support. Throughout the stars stay in the hospital, the fans handed to her soft toys, flowers, sweets — in short, everything that somehow could lift 35-year-old Mary mood.

That Berseneva was to undergo serious surgery, she told in his microblog. “When you’re running through life gait and you want to do everything, help everyone, to know and understand, places to visit, to play many good roles and you all think that it is not yet time to stop, look, relax a bit and given a modicum of time to myself… the Body decides for himself! Here and I think it’s time to stop… time been a long Time… And now it is a vital necessity… Or I won’t go… Hernia, taking off bone and implants…” — wrote Maria.

However, now all the fears Berseneva left behind. The actress is recovering fast enough and the doctors give positive forecasts about her health. Now Maria will continue to go on the mend already at home, where, as you know, and walls help…