Maria Berseneva had a serious operation on the spine

Мария Берсенева перенесла тяжелую операцию на позвоночнике Recently, the actress has experienced surgery. Now the star of the TV series “Margot” is gradually getting better. According to Maria, the rehabilitation will take a month and a half. Berseneva fans launched a campaign online to help her recover.

      Recently, the actress Maria Berseneva had surgery on the spine. At the moment, the artist gradually reabilitarea after surgery. Mary was discharged from the hospital, but until she returns to normal life. The recovery process will take more than a month.

      Maria Berseneva have a serious operation on the spine

      “I was the second day at home, trying to recover. Rehabilitation will last six weeks. Unfortunately, she has made adjustments in my life – I was scheduled to premiere that took place, as well as touring with “Anna Karenina”. I hope that all will be well, and after some time I will be back in the ranks. It helps me a lot fans who wrote the messages that came, sent flowers, gave a pleasant surprise to the hospital. Remembering my charitable project, they even launched the Network share “boomerang of kindness” to support me. In short, my fans are the best in the world, I really appreciate their concern, you feel it every minute. I don’t have time to charge phones, which were ringing off the hook-ridden people,” said Maria Berseneva “StarHit”.

      We will remind that about the operation of the star of the series “Margot” became known two weeks ago. Maria said this in his Instagram. According to the woman, she had serious health problems. If Berseneva time has not appealed to the doctor, she wouldn’t be able to walk. “Hernia, off vertebrae, implants… Fun, in General,” shared the actress in the microblog.

      Publication Berseneva has generated huge response among its subscribers. They began wishing her a speedy recovery and said that will definitely pray for a star. “Let everything be good, you are clever and will always overcome any hardship”, “be brave, you cheerful mood and a tremendous support for many years”, “the Power of thought – a very useful thing, so we wish you to recover as quickly as possible”, “it’s Important to believe and not lose heart”, “Maria, you are a talented actress and a wonderful person, because you do so many good deeds”, “Embrace”, – commented on the followers of the artist.

      Maria carefully read the wishes of the fans and after a while thanked all concerned for their support. “I’m the happiest person in the world… Nothing happens for a reason, and every time I convinced of this. Hug all together and each individually,” shared Berseneva.