Maria Aronova thinking about ending acting career

Мария Аронова задумалась о завершении актерской карьеры The actress was the guest of the program “2 wernick 2”. She told a leading transmission Vadim and Igor, why can’t you leave the profession, although it is disgusted. The actress also spoke about how raising the youngest daughter.
Мария Аронова задумалась о завершении актерской карьеры

Maria Aronova with the move said Wernick that always felt much older than my biological age. The actress recently turned 46 years old. And according to her, she’s at least 60. The actress explained, what is this feature.

“I’m closer to 60, in my feeling. My mom and I about it very often said, I was always drawn to older people. At school, with classmates I was always bored, I hope they will forgive me for these words. I think there is some knowledge that you are born who don’t even realize until the end,” shared the actress.

Aronova noted that over the years began to look different. In her opinion, it is the merit of the wife of Eugene. From the man from Mary in 2004, a daughter Serafima. And recently the couple legalized their relationship, although they are together for about 20 years. Maria Aronova married after 20 years of civil marriage

The actress added that Eugene helped her with the upbringing of the eldest son Vladislav. In August, the heir to the people’s artist of Russia will celebrate 24 years. However, he has managed to create a family and to present the famous mom’s granddaughter.

Aronov admitted that she is hard to raise children.

“I think, mother, I’m not very good. But I know how to love at a distance. Like my dad. I can put the life, I can work with. But I was wondering just now with my daughter, she’s 14 years old in the spring. I don’t know what to talk about with young children,” said Maria.

Aronov also shared their fears. The actress is wary of people every night for artist of the ordeal. “I am very afraid of society, very afraid of people and life. Is the problem of all beloved children. Because mom loved my brother and me,” – said Maria.

Performances with the participation Aronova planned for the year ahead, on her performances come thousands of fans. However, Maria admitted that she was tired from working in theater and film. Sometimes the artist wants to drop everything and to devote himself to art.

“Why do I work? Really want to provide children with an inheritance. Is it right or wrong, I don’t know. I got into, I have to pay for it all. When I’m not touring, I do not allow myself to sleep. Get up at 7 o’clock. Daughter to cook porridge to her conduct in school, prepare her lunch before the show. But we have no such contact, nose to nose. None of this”, – said Aronov.