Maria Aronova thank my husband for heroism

Мария Аронова благодарна мужу за героизм The actress is happy that Eugene didn’t disappoint her. Spouse Maria Aronova grateful that he was able to find a common language with her eldest son and took over all responsibility for family life.

      Мария Аронова благодарна мужу за героизм

      Popular actress Maria Aronova has two children – son and daughter of Wladyslaw the Seraphim. Now the actress is happy that in her family there is peace and harmony. The actress is most happy about the fact that her husband, Eugene Fomin, was able to make friends with her eldest son from his first marriage.

      “Jack was a man who purposefully wanted the family of the child. His heroism in the fact that he managed to build a relationship with my son. What does not happen in very many families, when a woman with a child Dating a man. Definitely someone begins to suffer: either the woman betrays the child from the first marriage, or the scandals start with the elect. In this case, WO’s credit that he raises my son as his,” said Aronov.

      Many believe that traditionally women are engaged in housekeeping and raising children. But the husband of Maria Aronova turned her views about family life. When the question arose about how to hire a nanny to care for a child, it is Eugene himself offered to pass on to their shoulders the care of his son, thus freeing Mary from the hassle to achieve success.

      “The main problem with families is that we stop talking. Jack is 15 years older than me, he taught me that. Before him I never knew what a family is, I have never had, were only stupid novels that have ended my disappointment in these men, whom I idealized, invented himself, and then discouraged watching what is not” – shared the actress.

      After several years of joint life with the beloved actress was born the daughter of a Seraphim. Aronov recognizes that the girl is totally unlike her in character, and therefore very concerned that because of the excessive kindness may face difficulties in life.

      “A good man. Since childhood it was important to apply the slipper, do something nice. I hope she’ll be happy as a woman, nobody’s going to hurt. What upsets me is that she is very gullible. In the advances it gives to people will give anything to anyone, and will appreciate it or not. I’m afraid of cones collected here,” said Maria in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

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