Maria Aronova responded to rumors of a serious illness

Мария Аронова ответила на слухи о серьезной болезни People’s artist commented on the speculation of the public. Previously discussed information about that Maria Aronova supposedly suffering from cancer. The celebrity spoke about his health in the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi.
Мария Аронова ответила на слухи о серьезной болезни

In early August, the Network appeared information about the fact that Maria Aronova allegedly was diagnosed with a tumor. It was reported that the actress went to the clinic and the doctors trying to help her overcome a serious illness. Later, the celebrity denied this information and stated that they are not true.

In the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi star of cinema and theatre broke the silence and responded to the recent publication, devoted to her condition. “How do you respond to those challenges that come to you? I’m talking about those rumors that endlessly appear about you in the press. Including the last time,” asked moderator Maria. The actress said that she was all right.

“Listen, yourself need to calm down just one. As long as you write, so you’re interesting, and love you. With me everything is fine, and it’s a nasty, disgusting rumors that are dissolved. I really hope that there will be people who will bother my 76-year-old father. That’s terrible, nobody is considered with it. My old dad little daughter in the frontier age, she’s 13, which may reflect on. That’s disgusting,” said Aronov.
Мария Аронова ответила на слухи о серьезной болезни

Boris korchevnikov asked the actress to refer to myself in the past. “I suggest you to choose any age. What would you say the Mache, what letter would you write to her?” – the leader told.

“Pray to God for something to pay the most for everything that you do. Try as little as possible to offend people with his ardent nature. Everything can be solved softer. And if mom or dad say: “Masha, come early”… you should never have to leave home, who knew that she’ll leave early… I remember every night that I could spend with her. Here’s what to say in 18 years. There is no better protection than the mother. It is necessary to protect those people who gave birth to you” – shared the actress.
Мария Аронова ответила на слухи о серьезной болезни

Lyudmila Petrovna, the mother of Maria Aronova, died from cancer in 1995. Then well-known actress was 23 years old.

“Mom was sick with cancer, she died at home and died hard. It was mom’s decision, she refused treatment. We were so young that it could not affect. Anyway the mom was impossible to influence. She said, “God, I’m tired of this body, save me from this pain”… Brother Sasha, who to us came to visit, said, “Mom, you should not talk, can’t hear you. Are you unbaptized person.” We were a heathen, I was later baptized, Sasha too. My mother was baptized three days before death,” recalled the star.