Maria Aronova put nonnu Grishaeva in a bad light

Мария Аронова выставила Нонну Гришаеву в дурном свете
Friend exchanged “pleasantries” in the Studio of Andrey Malakhov.

Maria Aronova

Maria Aronova and Nonna Grishaeva familiar from his youth. Many years ago, two future stars sharing a double room in a hostel at the Shchukin theatre school. The Actresses still have vivid memories of meeting and conducted side-by-side. Having met in the Studio of Andrey Malakhov, Mary and Nona exchanged “pleasantries”, telling about the faults of the other.

First “handed over” the friend Grishaeva. Once Aronov appeared on the set, her former classmate hastened to remind all present that Mary was older than her by a year. “But why emphasize that I am worse than you look now the whole country? What is it?!” — responded Aronova.

Some time later Maria was told that Grishaeva has a big drawback: it is not very clean. During cohabitation Aronova had to clean friend dirt. The actress said that the public is still not rehabilitated, although Maria had previously attempted to teach nonnu clean. “I opened the door and shouted: “Grishaeva, go clear your crumbs, a mouse!” She still eats bread, and I have a pathological urge to clean!” In addition Aronova said that sci was not generous in his student years. Nonna received parcels of food from home, but almost never shared it with friends.

By the way, Grishaeva was not offended for such statements on Aronov. That’s how Nonna commented on filming the show “Hello, Andrew!”: “Well sat, have remembered the youth, gave gifts, nanoholes!”

Edition of the program, on the set where two friends open up, was devoted to the wedding Aronova with Evgeny Fomin. After living together for 20 years, the couple recently, still formalized marriage. To go to the altar couple were advised by the priest, who confesses Aronova. Soon Maria and her husband plan to the wedding ceremony.