Мария Аронова выложила в Сеть фото повзрослевшей дочери The actress is rarely shared with the fans family shots. In March, close friends Aronova announced on Instagram that she has finally legalized the relations with the civil husband Eugene Fomin, despite the fact that the couple in 2004, a daughter Serafima.
Мария Аронова выложила в Сеть фото повзрослевшей дочери

March 11, Maria Aronova noted birthday, she was 46 years old. Also, the Actress has finally decided to legalize the relationship with the elect Evgeny Fomin, who for 20 years lived in a civil marriage.

The couple have a charming daughter of the Seraphim, which came to light in 2004. The actress showed how good-looking her child.

“My favorite ones. All a good day,” shared Maria with Network users.
Мария Аронова выложила в Сеть фото повзрослевшей дочери

“Mary, I sincerely wish you a very good day.”, “Mary! You’re very talented! Bravo!”, “It’s great that on earth there are such people, take care of them”, “You happiness, success and love”, “have a Nice day and pleasant emotions!”, “They have a super!”, noted fans of the artist.

We will remind that Evgeny Fomin and Maria Aronova met at work. The man worked as a head of transport Department at the Vakhtangov Theatre, where he also was listed as a famous actor. In an interview with the star admitted that they didn’t have crazy passion and memory loss. Fomin correctly cared for her, than got the location.

Most Aronova glad that Eugene was able to make friends with her eldest son from his first marriage. According to the actress, from the very beginning was aimed at families and able to build relationships with Vladislav. The heir to the actress admitted that her stepfather is grateful for the education lessons. After several years of marriage, Mary and Eugene was born long-awaited daughter of the Seraphim, and the son of the actress has managed to get his own family that he had an heir to Antoninus. Maria Aronova showed grown-up granddaughter