Мария Аронова вышла замуж после 20 лет гражданского брака The actress has legalized relationship with the elect Evgeny Fomin. In this regard, Maria Aronova celebrates a double holiday – the day of birth and change in marital status. Relatives and friends of the star have gathered for a party thrown by the newlyweds.

March 11, Maria Aronova noted birthday. The actress turned 46 years old. On this occasion, a celebrity recently gathered family and friends. The celebration was attended by the chosen star Evgeny Fomin. As concluded social media users, Maria and her boyfriend decided to legalize the relationship after 20 years together.

Instagram Aronova there was a picture where she poses with a wedding ring together with Fomin. The lovers look very happy. “Wedding birthday” – with these words the actress was accompanied by a picture.

Friends of Eugene and Mary congratulated them on this important event, wishing them a long life together. According to many, they’re perfect for each other. Mikhail politseymako was also present at the party couple. He published a photograph of Aronov and Fomin was captured in the background of a wedding cake. The artist has surrounded the publication of the hashtag “newlyweds”, making it clear that the lovers begin a new period.

Among other guests of the evening were Igor Ugolnikov. Actor and TV presenter left the warm birthday wishes on social networks.

“Congratulations to my wonderful, amazing Actress Maria Aronova happy birthday” – with these words Ugolnikov turned to her friend.

Fans of the actress joined in the congratulations of her family and friends. “I wish longevity on stage, happiness in love and a long healthy life”, “You’re a great actress”, “Make you more happy, give a smile and warmth”, “Power, faith, and joy”, “Amazing. There is not enough”, “Pretty! Charming woman,” commented on fans star.

We will remind that Evgeny Fomin and Maria Aronova met at work. The man worked as a head of transport Department at the Vakhtangov Theatre, where he also was listed as a famous actor. In an interview, Maria said that they didn’t have crazy passion and memory loss. Fomin touchingly caring for the artist than trying to get near her.

Most Aronova I am glad that the chosen one was able to make friends with her eldest son from his first marriage. According to the actress, Eugene was from the beginning aimed at creating a family and able to build relationships with Vladislav. Fomin began to raise the heir as his beloved child.

After several years of marriage, Mary and Eugene was born a daughter Serafima. The girl was born in April 2004. In recognition Aronova, that it is not similar to her in character. The actress believes Seraphim are very trusting and open. Heiress celebrity loves to take care of loved ones and provide them with other nice attentions