Maria Aronova commented about his illness

Мария Аронова прокомментировала информацию о своей болезни
In early August, fans of the popular actress Maria Aronova excited information about the diagnosis of her cancer.

Мария Аронова прокомментировала информацию о своей болезни

According to information Aronova turned to the experts, who began treatment for a terrible disease. Finally the actress decided to respond to these rumors.

“Listen, yourself need to calm down just one. As long as you write, so you’re interesting, and love you. With me everything is fine, and it’s a nasty, disgusting rumors that are dissolved. I really hope that there will be people who will bother my 76-year-old father. That’s terrible, nobody is considered with it. My old dad little daughter in the frontier age, she’s 13, which may reflect on. That’s disgusting,” – said Maria.

It is unclear where did the information about the terrible disease, but it is known that Aronova’s mother died of cancer when the woman was 23 years old.

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