Марго Робби рассказала о тайной переписке с принцем Гарри

Many dream to marry a Prince and Australian star Margot Robbie is no exception. To attract the attention of the representative of the Royal family, the actress has managed to a housewarming party model Sookie Waterhouse, where they were both invited. Margot and Prince Harry have introduced another celebrity caught up at the party, Cara Delevingne. Except as noted, Margo Prince she did not know and even took it for the sweet ed Sheeran.

The guy in the glasses and hat is Prince Harry

“He was very upset (Laughs). It was not the crown, so I had no idea that this Prince” — says Robbie.

By the way, communication the pair continued after the party. Harry and Margo communicate via messages, however, exchange them, they do not often.

“Harry is very quickly gaining text. Unlike me — sometimes I can respond for 4 days, and sometimes, feeling guilty says Robbie.

It is remarkable, but their mother about her meeting with Prince Harry Margot did not speak. The actress believes that the minds of the parents should not shock this information: “This is really weird, so I never told my family about it. When I meet with parents, we discussed mundane things, like our dog Murphy.”

It is worth saying that if Robbie will still be able to build a relationship with Prince Harry, he needs to be ready to move to Australia. Yes, Yes! That Is Australia! You see, the actress intends to raise children in their homeland, because the other options are not considered.

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