Margot Robbie showed his bald head and ugly teeth

Марго Робби показала свою лысину и безобразные зубы

Margot Robbie has long established itself as one of the most attractive and sexy Actresses of Hollywood. Their way Australian is being used on the screen every time in the movies appearing in the role of a fatal beauty (“the Wolf of wall street,” “Focus,” “suicide Squad”).

Recently Margot proved that she’s not obsessed with his image and could easily be ironic on the subject of its appeal.

Robbie gladly starred in the movie called “the Librarian”, where he appeared in quite ugly.

Begins the video quite acceptable. Margot is the librarian, which stare one of the visitors. Friends of a boy in love trying to draw the attention of the heroine Robbie at yourself and find yourself in a terrible trap. The librarian demonstrates to the guys that actually, she is far from perfect: on the head instead of hair – bald, white smile is actually a prosthesis which hide ugly teeth. In addition, the librarian loves to kill and easily deals with those she is not pleasing.