Margot Robbie said, why not wearing a wedding ring

Марго Робби рассказала, почему не носит обручальное кольцо

In December, the actress Margot Robbie, who played Harley Quinn in the sensational blockbuster “suicide Squad” and Tom Ackerly will celebrate the anniversary of the wedding. The pair likes to spread details about their relationship and the rumors appear by themselves. Fans noticed that Margo almost never wears a wedding ring, in consequence of which began to appear the rumors about the problems between couples. But the actress was quick to refute the rumors and announced that the ring doesn’t suit just because it is very expensive.

Марго Робби рассказала, почему не носит обручальное кольцо

Robbie said that not wearing the ring because of work. “Obviously, I can’t wear the ring all the time — I am constantly working, don’t want to lose it somewhere on the set. When it falls off, I’d love to wear it,” said Margo in a recent interview.

As Robbie spoke about how her life has changed after marriage. “Before the wedding we were best friends and roommates. After the wedding, we remained best friends and continued to share a room. Nothing has changed.” the actress confessed.

According to Margot Robbie, because of the work that is missing many important events. “Because of work I miss a lot of important events seldom go on holidays, loved ones, weddings and birthdays of friends. This year I haven’t been home, seen my best friends, my nephew.”

In addition to the relationship with Tom Ackerly, Margot Robbie made acquaintance with a pet British Prince Harry isn’t even recognizing that it was him. They met at a party and then did not stop their communication. Mostly, they communicate through text messages, because a large amount of work does not allow see it in person. “Harry is very fast in responding to my messages. But I can email him in about four days, sometimes a week,” admits Margo.

“I’m about an hour talking with him and all this time I had no idea that I am Prince Harry. And how was I to know that this Prince? On his head was a crown!” says the actress. Robbie began to brag to his friends a new acquaintance, and immediately told them. “I didn’t tell her family about her meeting with Prince Harry. When we meet up with my family, they tell me about their news, our dog Murphy, and the like.” admits Robbie.

At the moment, both celebrities life is in full swing. In that time, Margo marks anniversary with her husband, Prince Harry building a relationship with actress Meghan Markle.