Марго Робби пророчат роль девушки Бонда

Hollywood actress Margot Robbie in great demand today. Then she saves the universe in the “suicide Squad”, then jump on vines with the gorillas in the movie “Tarzan. Legend”, and if you believe the rumors, will appear next to the most popular special agent of British intelligence James bond.

Bet on Margot Robbie in the British bookmakers is 12:1. Among the other contenders for bond girl – Briton Emily blunt, who last year changed his citizenship to American. Third in the betting lists is Emily Ratajkowski, best known for the film “Disappeared”, and for it to be “Hermione” Emma Watson.
The start date of filming and the cast has not yet been determined, moreover, it is not yet known who will play the role of James. The most likely candidates are considered to be Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba. For the latter, incidentally, pleased he recently Steven Spielberg, while hinting that once the film project has lost Director (Sam Mendes joined Daniel Craig), and it can be useful to them.

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