Margot Robbie likes to dress in men’s suits

Марго Робби любит переодеваться в мужские костюмы

On the nose a celebration of all things dark and scary Halloween. All-around come up with their own costumes and decorate the house for the holiday and the stars is no exception. So, a famous actress Margot Robbie, who played the Joker’s girlfriend Harley Quinn in the film “suicide Squad” told W Magazine about her love to men’s suits.

Марго Робби любит переодеваться в мужские костюмы

“Every Halloween, I dress like a guy because they’re always the most fun. I never took on holiday sexy costumes,” admits Robbie. the actress said that the male costumes are much more practical, because the weather in October is rather cold.

“I was dressed as Jason: wearing overalls and a machete. In new York that day it was snowing. I thought all dress warmly, but no! Every second girl was walking down the street in his underwear,” recalls Margo.

Favorite costume Helloween actress was the character of Allen, played by James Franco in the movie spring breakers. The film also starred Selena Gomez in her unusual manner. Four best friends who study at College decided to do away with boredom and to escape from the hostel to meet adventures. they decide to spend spring break in their underwear and earn money.

Марго Робби любит переодеваться в мужские костюмы

“I braided African braids, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and gold plates on the teeth. I felt pretty cool,” recalled his costume Margot Robbie. The actress was so good to portray the character that Franco himself praised her. Girlfriend star photographed her in the dress and sent the actor. Franco praised the girl and said that she really coped with the realization of the image.

Margot Robbie has become very popular on the Halloween day, after all, played the crazy girlfriend of the Joker in “suicide Squad”. Her boyfriend was played by Jared Leto, known for his peculiar way to grow into the role. Robbie admits that she likes that kind of attention to her incarnation of the character. Friends were sending her pictures of girls that are trying to transform into her character, but the actress is particularly pleased with the boys. “I’ve always dressed as male characters, and I think that the guys are now trying to dress in Harley, because she is the coolest and crazy — it’s really cool,” admits Margo.

Not one Robbie is preparing for the upcoming holiday, but also a famous actress Angelina Jolie has decided to please their children shopping. She bought kids decorations and scary costumes. In her basket were toothy gourd, dead birds and a bloody machete.