Марго Робби подтвердила, что ведется обсуждение спин-оффа о Харли Квин

Those who have already had the opportunity to watch a new creation directed by David Ayer “suicide Squad” will certainly say that except for the Joker the most vivid character in the picture was his lover Harley Quinn.

For a bit distraught girl was interesting to watch throughout the film that said, both the audience and critics, who, by the way, “smashed” the screen adaptation of DC comics in the dust. But now not about it.

The readiness to see detached from the “suicide Squad” the film is about the Joker already said by this role, Jared Leto.

Today it became clear that it is also possible spin-off about the doctor of psychology Harley Quinzel a.k.a. Harley Quinn.

As recognized by Margot Robbie, embodied the image on the screen, she tries to make everything possible myself, to Warner Brothers was seriously engaged in the consideration of this question.

By the way, to find critics regarding the “suicide Squad” Margot was: “I feel like I won the lottery. Critics will never get that chance, which fell to me.”

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