Margot Robbie has admitted that slap Leonardo DiCaprio has helped her career

Марго Робби призналась, что пощечина Леонардо Ди Каприо помогла её карьере

Margot Robbie can be called a breakthrough in cinema in recent years. The actress, who previously tried on exclusively a cameo role, suddenly became one of the most talented and sought-after in Hollywood. Her critics are even predicting “Oscar”, which, in their opinion, it will get in the coming years. Let’s see how their predictions will be correct, but in the meantime, we offer you to recall how Margo got into a great movie. The starting point for a serious career Robbie can be considered the Martin Scorsese film “the Wolf of wall street” (2012). In conversation with journalist Time an Australian woman has told that her casting in this film was very interesting and unusual.

Audition Margot Robbie had to play a small scene with Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor was confirmed in the film from the start, but the search of a partner, his on-screen wife, was delayed.

“I realized that I needed to do something extraordinary. In my head in one second had the thought: “I’ve only got 30 seconds in this room, and if I don’t surprise them, nothing will happen”. So I start yelling at him (Leonardo DiCaprio), and he yells at me. And I can hardly keep up with him. He ends his monologue with the words: “You should be happy to have a husband like me. Now come here and kiss me.” I walk up, near his face… I think I should kiss him. When you get a chance to kiss Leonardo DiCaprio… And then I hear a click in my head. BAM! And I with all his strength to hit the face and shout: “fuck you.” This was not in the script. Everyone in the room froze. There was dead silence. I thought that Leo will plead with me,” recalls Margot Robbie “trick” that has worked on the casting implicitly.

Well, sometimes it really is worth the risk, to grab the luck by the tail.

Note that now Margo is working on a film about the athlete Tonya Harding, which was the focus of a major sports scandal in the early 90s. And in the future she will transform into the Queen-mother. Western tabloids reported that Robbie joined the caste of the movie “MaryQueen of Scots”, where to play Queen of England Elizabeth the First. Colleague Robbie in the film will be saoirse Ronan, who will become Queen of Scotland Mary Stuart.

The film will be narrated by well-known historical drama about Mary Stuart’s attempt to overthrow the British throne from his cousin Elizabeth, which resulted in the Scottish Queen years in prison and the death penalty.