Маргарита Суханкина корит себя за строгость с наследниками The actress admits that sometimes cutting with the heirs. Margarita Suhankina brings Lera and Sergei, who adopted four years ago. The singer tries to spend as much time as possible in the company of kids.
Маргарита Суханкина корит себя за строгость с наследниками

Four years ago a famous singer and the former soloist of group “Mirage” Margarita Suhankina adopted two children, Lera and Sergei. Now 53-year-old actress loves the son and daughter and admits that after the appearance of the kids, her life began to play very different colors. She was happy to return home – because there, waiting for her beloved heirs. Margarita Suhankina: “When I’m filming, the kids worry about me a lot”

Like many parents in the upbringing of children Margarita sometimes you have to be tough and scold Lera and Sergei for some of their faults. But always the artist regrets the said words.

“I was in the far East and arrived when the children have had to sleep. But come home, and Leroy stood up and quietly walks around the house. And I’m at the door snapped at her because she’s not in bed. And then it dawned on me that she decided not to go and wait for me and meet first. And I blamed her for it! I was so worried about that, I reproached myself. But all is not work, I also learn…” – says Suhankina.

Margaret said that the kids completely changed her attitude. She always had considered his own opinion the only true and tried to be first in everything. Now, however, understands that this is not the main thing in life. The artist does not suppress the desire of children to do things their own way so they can grow up self-sufficient individuals.

The ex-soloist of group “the Mirage” tries not to focus on the fact that she was famous. Lera and Sergei first, do not know why their mother is interesting for a huge number of people.

“Wherever we came from, to me all the time to suit different people, make compliments, ask for an interview and, of course, the children at first did not understand why around their mom such a stir. Only then they found out that mom is a singer, famous person. But it never affected, I’m at home on this not I warn you that I’m just a mom and all,” recalled the artist.

Margarita Suhankina recognizes that as a professional musician, she has not considered outstanding data in children. Nevertheless, she gave the boy to a music school. As told by the artist in an interview with “Leider”, despite his son’s success in music, she doesn’t think it will find a dizzying career.