Margarita Suhankina intermarried with Timur Kazakovym

Маргариты Суханкина породнилась с Тимуром Кизяковым The singer posted Instagram post in which he said that he became godmother to the son of a TV presenter. According to the artist, for many years she knows of Timur and become related to him is a great honor for her.
Маргариты Суханкина породнилась с Тимуром Кизяковым

Margarita Suhankina and Timur Kizyakov friends for the first year. The TV host has three children, two daughters – Elena and Valentina, and in 2012 the star projects “While all houses” and “When all” long-awaited son was born, named in honor of a famous father.

Singer five years ago decided on a responsible step. She adopted two children – three-year-old girl and four boys.

Margarita decided to tell fans on Instagram, which again became a mother, but now a godmother – for the younger child Kizâkova.

“A few years ago I met a wonderful man Timur Kazakovym, which over the years has become my true friend. I have great respect for Timur and his family, and we can say, intermarried, I became the godmother of his son, that is a great honor for me,” – said Margarita.
Маргариты Суханкина породнилась с Тимуром Кизяковым
Маргариты Суханкина породнилась с Тимуром Кизяковым

Many viewers like Timur Kizâkova. For many he is the personification of the family hearth and comfort, celebrities are often told to pass most intimate secrets. The first edition of the program “While all houses” was released back in 1992.

Easy and fun format, invented its permanent leading, just like not only the producers but also the audience. For example, Oleg Tabakov – in his home debut shot story – a young journalist then asked who in the family throws garbage. The master replied with a smile that he… Over the years the show was interviewed more than a thousand families, drunk tank tea and eaten more than 100 kg of crackers. Despite the fact that the transmission is moved to another channel and changed the name to “one”, current-shock continues to have high ratings. Friends Timur Kizâkova: “He never took a penny”