Margarita Nazarova: the pain and the loss of the legendary tamer

Маргарита Назарова: боль и потери легендарной укротительницы The star of the Soviet Union was a difficult fate. Margarita Nazarova, the biography of which the First channel filmed the eponymous TV series, went through serious trials of life and ended his days in oblivion.

      Маргарита Назарова: боль и потери легендарной укротительницы

      In the distant sixties of the last century the name of Margarita Nazarova thundered throughout the Soviet Union. The famous trainer with a radiant smile on his lips went into a cage to predators. Before her talent is admired even by the first persons of the state. However, as often happens with celebrities, the heroine of the circus met death in oblivion.

      Channel viewers look forward to the premiere of the series “Margarita Nazarova” based on events from the life of the famous tamer. The main role in the TV series was played by the actress Olga Pogodina. The role of her husband went to Andrey Chernyshev. In addition, the biographical movie about Margarita Nazarova participated zapashnye brothers, as well as the famous Italian actor Paolo Conticini.

      The creators of the show had to carry out enormous work in order to convey to the audience exciting moments of life Nazarova. Because her biography from his youth was full of trials and disappointments.

      Маргарита Назарова: боль и потери легендарной укротительницы

      So, Margarita was only 15 years old when the country was face to face with a deadly threat. Began the Great Patriotic war. The family of the future star lived in Tsarskoye Selo near Leningrad. “Father took to the front, and my mother moved with us to my aunt in Pavlovsk. There we were starving. Anyone never wish to see a war,” recalled Nazarov. Her father later went missing. Mother the girl, too, war separated. Rita was captured by the Germans, who sent her with other Russian train to Hamburg, where she began working as a maid in one of the German families, and then as a dancer in cabaret. To return home the young lady was only in 1945 when the Soviet army sabodala Germany from the Nazis.

      Margarita found a mother in Riga. There she got a job working in the circus, that was enough to live on. After several years of searching myself Nazarov realized that tends to work with animals. She began to study the art of training. However, this type of activity is very dangerous for life. Failed to avoid injuries on the way to fame and Margarita.

      Маргарита Назарова: боль и потери легендарной укротительницы

      Budding trainer always said about the predators: “I’m not afraid of them, I believe them”. However, the tigers did not always listen to Nazarov. So, in Novosibirsk in the summer of 1966, during a practice jump tigress Happy the pedestal from which the predator jumped, shifted under the pressure of her hind legs. The trajectory of Excited shifted, causing the predator accidentally hit the back paw the head of the trainer, removing the skin along with the hair. “Paw slashed on the head and nearly tore the scalp – recalled the trainer. 21 days I was between life and death.”

      Later, to hide the scar on his head from the clutches of Happy, Nazarov changed her hair and adorned hair bow. Her pet Pourchot with which the trainer worked for that moment for years, reacted in an unexpected way and grabbed the head of Margaret. Nazarov dodged, but received a serious trauma – rupture of the temporal artery. Until the end of her life were plagued with headaches.

      Маргарита Назарова: боль и потери легендарной укротительницы

      Stormy passions boiled and in their personal lives tamer. When he began shooting the film “Striped flight”, when Nazarov starred her son Alyosha turned only a month. The whole family literally lived on the set. Spouse stars Constantine Constantine became a stunt in the film. He burned with jealousy of his wife. Constantine suspicion first fell on the Margarita partner of Ivan Dmitriev. It was rumored that the trainer did his best not to incite imaginary opponent tiger. “We will do a fun film, if we remain alive…”, – joked the film “Striped flight” Vladimir Fetin. Needless to say that numerous scandals Nazarova and her husband has subsided only at night, when the couple retired to the bedroom.

      “Fell in love in me? Yes, often, – said Margarita. – Every city had a local artist of the circus, who acted on my attraction. All of my partners offered me his hand and heart. But I replied: “Why leave your family? You can be friends and so”.

      Маргарита Назарова: боль и потери легендарной укротительницы

      The news that the doctors found at the Konstantinovsky serious health problems, took Margaret by surprise. Husband literally burned at the hands of his beloved. In one version, the tigress, playing, hurt his head, causing the inflammation of the brain. On the other hand, the trainer found a brain tumor that was operated on unsuccessfully. Six days after surgery at the age of fifty years Nazarova husband died. At the funeral of woman holding red poppies.

      However, the dynasty of tamers continued in the person of the son of Magrarita Alexei Constantine. Heir to the stars of the circus also became a trainer and highly successful. His children he named in honor of famous parents. “My whole family training: a daughter Margaret and a son Kostya, too, went through grandma’s footsteps. Rita is very similar to my grandmother: dimples are the same and the character the same stubborn and difficult,” – said the son of Margarita Nazarova.

      Despite the seemingly family welfare, Nazarov ended his days in solitude and oblivion. Star of the USSR lived in Nizhny Novgorod in absolute poverty. One day she was visited by the capital’s journalists, to interview. According to them, Nazarov was too shy even to open the door, citing the fact that in her untidy apartment and no kettle to drink tea.

      By the time of the death of Nazarova in 2005 her son Alex is already seven years did not come to Russia. “Terrible news about the death of his mother, I was informed by friends from Germany. I was in Bulgaria, said in an interview with reporters, Constantine the younger. Every day thought: we need to escape, to see her mother, and it was impossible. Here arrived, but too late.”

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