Margarita Mamun was mad in separation from the beloved

Маргарита Мамун сходила с ума в разлуке с любимым Gymnast revealed details of a difficult life period. When beloved Margarita Mamun, swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov was forced to go to training in another country, his girlfriend survived a real stress.

      This year in my personal life Olympic champion Margarita Mamun will be significant changes. The gymnast plans to legalize their relationship with a loved one, swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov. Previously, the young people announced their engagement. However, the idyll in the relationships of the couples reigned not always. In recognition of mA’mun, there was a time when Suhorukova had to leave for training in America. The athlete went into another country for a few months. Margaret hard was parting with her beloved, she was nervous and worried.

      Margarita Mamun is getting married“He moved to Los Angeles, I went crazy. I didn’t want to let him go when he left… And if I came to visit him, the parting was even harder – it was a test for both of us. We talk every day in Skype, texted all my free time. It was hard because of time zones: when I woke up he was already asleep. When he woke up, I finished the second workout we’ve had some time to socialize. At a base in Novogorsk had problems with the Internet, Skype just hung out – it’s awful annoying!” – said the gymnast in a recent interview.

      In recognition of Margaret, she missed the strong shoulder of a loved one. “I am insanely bored, sometimes crying, because there were difficult moments in training, I wanted him to hold me and regretted,” – said the athlete.

      However, the gymnast believes her chosen one had even harder. Alexander was abroad all alone, without relatives, whom you can always ask for help. According to Margaret, the other swimmers met in America with the girls, and he was forced to communicate with his beloved remote. “But we were able, we have overcome!” – said Mamun.

      Later Margaret and Alexander attended the Olympics in Rio. Reminiscing about this period, the gymnast calls him “our”, do not hide joyful emotions. In recognition of the athletes, the presence of a loved one inspired her and motivated for productive work.

      In addition, Mamun shared details of meeting with the bridegroom. The fateful moment occurred in 2013, and a year later the athletes started Dating. “It was the height of the career for me, and for Sasha, although in Rio it was already the third Olympic games. He really helped me with their experience, but it was still insanely hard,” said the gymnast.