Margarita Mamun tired from pre-wedding bustle

Маргарита Мамун устала от предсвадебной суеты Very soon the Olympic champion will marry Alexander Sukhorukov. Margarita Mamun admitted that she has no time to prepare celebrations. Girl still undecided how to pass the most important day in her life.

Famous gymnast Margarita Mamun and her choice – swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov is getting married in August this year. Like any girl, she dreams of a beautiful holiday which will be remembered forever. To legalize the relationship beloved decided in the last month of summer – beauty believes it is very symbolic.

However, the bride said that he is very nervous before the ceremony. Margaret noted that a lot of times asked mom what the wedding was at her house, but only recently learned that before the painting of the parents was robbed. Stole everything that was even festive clothes. So the couple went home men in Bangladesh. There the couple threw a great ceremony with saree, red dots on my forehead, lots of flowers. Perhaps this is what prompted Mamun to do the same and not to spend nerves and time to organize a magnificent feast.

“I want to all a piece of cake, to go somewhere together and get married there… And it suddenly dawned on me: maybe Sasha should go to the sea? And call only the most-most loved ones who would be willing to drop everything and fly to us, at least for a couple of days. But this is a backup plan – plan B,” said champion.

The girl admitted that has no idea about how to have the perfect wedding. Due to the heavy workload and constant training Margaret has still not been to the registry office even on the painting of loved ones. One she’d already decided for sure: traditional rites they have with Alexander is not.

“Because of his schedule I always miss the birthdays, some holidays, weddings. I’m still not at a wedding was not, so I have no idea how and what in principle is happening. But when we discussed with Sasha our wedding, he asked me to make it without a ransom, without letting off of pigeons, so he wouldn’t have me steal. I want, like in the movies saw the father leading the daughter down the path to the altar, all the colors…” – said the bride.

Interestingly, young people have not yet decided whether they have wedding dance some, but we chose the song. The main composition would be known to all the soundtrack to “Titanic” – My heart will go on. Mamun also said that he didn’t want to harass husband-to-be rehearsing at the joint so will allow him to move as he will be comfortable. “I think the dance will be a no, and I don’t care, waltz or not a waltz,” admitted Margaret magazine “OK”.