Маргарита Грачева презентовала свою книгу «Счастлива без рук»

Маргарита Грачева презентовала свою книгу «Счастлива без рук»

24 Oct 2019 in Moscow shopping center in one of the bookstores hosted the book presentation Margarita Gracheva “Happy hands”. The girl in his memoirs he spoke about the terrible event in his life that occurred almost 2 years ago. Book to write the Margaret helped her mother.

Two years ago, when there was a terrible event in the public there was a real explosion. The people were very alarmed and sympathetic young girl who was left without arms. She recalls that in her hospital for both journalists and ordinary people who were asked to take a picture with her. And someone just came to look at the victim personally.

At the presentation of the Margarita was in a good mood, she easily answered all the questions posed, joked, sometimes sad from memories. So, for example, she admitted that her two youngest son still think that their mother lost his arms in a car accident. However, the girl is already a year and have to admit the eldest son, Dmitry, that her hands are chopped off by his father. The boy will be 6 years old and he goes to school, and that means he can tell the truth, so it would be better that he learned all information from the native people.

I recall that two years ago, the girl’s hands cut off her husband Dmitry Grachev. The reason for this brutal act was jealousy. Margaret decided to divorce her husband, and after she it was reported to him, he began plotting his revenge. In December 2017, he forcibly sat her husband in the car and taken to the woods, where nearly two hours were mocking her, and then pulled out the axe from the car and cut off both hands.

According to the girl, before you start bullying, Dmitry pulled her hands plaits, that she died from blood loss. He did this not because he was afraid to kill her, but on the contrary, he knew that with a strong character, Margo, it would be difficult to live disabled. And of course, murder is a completely different article of the criminal code of Russia.

After the girl was taken to the hospital for a long time doctors tried to save her hands, but managed to keep only the left. At the moment, is the right hand of the girl is a prosthesis. Dmitry Grachev was sentenced to 14 years in prison, and he was deprived of the custody of children.

Also, on October 24, the network appeared in the documentary “Beats, means likes”, which Margaret attended. There she spoke in more detail about the circumstances of that day and explained why ex-husband cut off her brush. It turns out that the man didn’t want to she was able at least once to hug their children.

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