Маргарита Агибалова обосновалась в новом доме The reality star returned to Moscow. Margarita Agibalova said that soon they will start the repairs in his own apartment, and while rent housing nearby to monitor the process. Recently the whole family of the former participant “Houses-2” came from Cyprus.
Маргарита Агибалова обосновалась в новом доме

The star of “House-2” Margarita Agibalova often spends time abroad she regularly sent the whole family to Cyprus. Apparently, it does not bother her husband Paul Marceau to do business, although the kind of activity a woman chooses to keep secret. Last year the eldest son of the former contestants of the reality show Mitya went to the first class, but because they have to go abroad in school holidays.

Just a couple of days ago the whole family Aviablows basking under the sun in Cyprus and now back in Moscow. The star of “House-2” told that will soon settle in his own apartment. Apparently, they are waiting for when the house will be commissioned to begin construction of housing.

“And now, finally, we visited my future apartment. Will soon get the keys and begin to make repairs. And now we proceed with measuring and design project. Cheers,” wrote Margaret in a microblog.

Fans happy with ex-member of the famous electroni. They anticipated the pleasant chores in connection with the repair, but also wished to be patient. “Oh, Ritulya! With a pleasant hassle family Marceau!”, “Class. Congratulations. And last removable flat was or is yours, and you just expanded?”, “Pleasant trouble!” – wrote followers.

At the time of repair of apartment Margarita together with his family located near new house – they rented a house, so they could better control all the works.

“Well, we settled in a new home. While not ours, but near the repair now will. Goodbye father’s home. Hello, Moscow!” – said Agibalov.

It is possible that the Council for the development of the home the couple will take the mother of Margaret Irina Agibalova. She only recently completed the upgrade of the cottage and is well-versed in all that relates to repair. Irina Agibalova spent millions on repairs

Also the former participants of the reality show have accommodation in Cyprus. Last year Irina settled on the island to be closer to her daughter and restore health due to the mild climate. The Margarita has admitted that she feels living near the sea.

“In Cyprus in a big village. All greet each other, strangers to each other people communicate with each other in the store, on the street, passers-by help (to turn, to pass each other on a narrow street with another car). First, it’s like something alien, especially after the big metropolis, where a lot of people, and all on top of each other, by and large to spit, and then becomes very nice. I’ve even got used to it, then I will be in Moscow then,” said the young woman.