Маргариту Агибалову грабят на Кипре The former participant “Houses-2” believes that a gate would be safer. Margarita Agibalova said that she lost things that she leaves around the house. A mother of two children was tired to buy all the things that disappears from their yard.

      In mid-March, the former participant reality show “House-2” Margarita Agibalova the whole family moved to Cyprus. She was happy that the children can enjoy the Sunny island constantly fresh air and to swim in the sea. However, abroad the young woman had to face an unpleasant fact – they began to disappear personal belongings. Margarita told his fans in the microblog.

      “What came up! Bella in different sleeves. Honestly, tired of buying new! Children they are thrown at the house, and the dog in the night come and carry them to unknown lands. Sometimes sneaker steal, in General, what I forgot to put in the house. The horror! How can I live without the gate?” – surprised Agibalova.

      However, fans aren’t touched by the words of Margaret that her yard missing things. They criticized the mother of two children, because she immediately started to make excuses for the appearance of the child, especially because on such a small thing anyone hardly would have noticed.

      “Why make excuses? It’s your life, your children. What you want to do. Live to the public. Disconnect and live for yourself”, “Very cool! I love looking at your photo”, “Rita,” a solar. You have wonderful kids and husband! I wish you happiness!”, “Style girl. The hairpins are suitable, then the trend,” he wrote to fans of the former participant of a reality show.

      Apparently, the Sunny island is very fond of the whole family Agibalova. They were impressed with the warm atmosphere of Cyprus and the goodwill of all residents. In order to have always been able to come to rest in this country, Margaret has applied for a mortgage and bought an apartment in a newly built house. Following the example of her daughter, the mother Irina also decided to purchase a house. Now, the star of “House-2” is engaged in repair in a new apartment and looking forward to the housewarming. Family Agibalova emigrated from Russia

      “Slowly begin repairs. Living area – 128 square meters – shared Agibalov-senior with “StarHit”. Three spacious rooms: living room, gym and bedroom with adjoining luxurious terrace. Also the house has one bathroom and a cozy kitchen with a panoramic window. Very soon I will receive the guests had puzzled the guys from the TV show to make to your schedule a trip to me.”

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