Маргарита Агибалова готова еще раз выйти замуж Spouse of the former member “House-2” gave her a birthday jewelry worth about 80 thousand rubles. Margarita Agibalova thanked Paul for the ring, and revealed to the subscribers of his microblog valuable gift.

      Ex-participant of TV project “Dom-2” Margarita Agibalova happy marriage with her second husband Paul Marceau. The mother of two children celebrated his 26th birthday in the family circle. The most valuable gift we have received from Margaret, was jewelry from her husband – ring the famous Italian brand of premium class.

      As noted by followers of the social network that saw a picture of the ring, this gift costs about 80 thousand rubles. Agibalova signed frame with jewelry heart touching lines dedicated to his wife. “I agree, darling! To marry you again, and again married. At least a thousand times! Thank you for making me happy every day. Thank you for making my birthday a memorable day, a day of rest, a day of fun, romantic day! Love you,” admitted Rita.

      Like many people, Agibalova summed up some vital results to your birthday. According to her, she was pleased that by the age of 26 had become the wife and mother of two children.

      “Over the years I’ve managed to pass many of life’s challenges, to make mistakes and correct them. Oh, and how much more just will. I would say I am satisfied with what I have now, beloved husband, children, family. And I hope my life experience will not allow me to experience the pain of disappointment in loved ones, will not let me be disappointed in myself. Over the years I have become quite a private man, this is both good and bad. I stopped believing, I’m holding themselves close to the strangers next to me were only my people who love me and I them,” said the former star of the reality show.

      For her birthday, her mother Irina Agibalova traveled thousands of kilometers and came to visit the heiress and grandchildren. “I flew in to be there on this day and hug you in the morning, my dear. Here I will write briefly: just be happy and healthy. Let you are always surrounded by only loving you,” wrote Agibalov-senior.

      Family of ex-member “House-2” is now in Cyprus. The entire summer season Margarita, her son from her first marriage with Evgeny Kuzin Mitya and daughter Bella, is carried out in this Sunny country. Cyprus family Agibalova so impressed that they decided to buy property there.

      “My mother purchased a property in North Cyprus. It is still under construction. But we are already looking forward to! The complex is called “Renaissance residence”, – said Margarita at the end of June. At the moment we only know that the area of the apartment Irina Agibalova is 128 square meters. In the dwelling there are three spacious rooms: living room, gym and bedroom with adjoining luxurious terrace. Irina Agibalova remodeling their new home in Cyprus

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