Margarita Agibalova has sounded the alarm from-for the son

Маргарита Агибалова бьет тревогу из-за сына The reality star asked for advice from fans. Margarita Agibalova concerned with the performance of Mitya and believes it’s too early to put him in first class. According to the young woman, the boy cannot cope with the load at school.

      The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Margarita Agibalova brings the seven-year son Mitya and two year old daughter Bella. In September last year, the boy went to the first class. However, according to the young mother, learning is not a child. She is very worried about his grades and blames himself for that, too early sent him to school. Now the reality star doesn’t know how she should act to transfer the child for home schooling or to continue studies in the class.

      “I do not like to admit their mistakes, but still have! To warn you, dear mommy! I’ve been thinking how much to give Mitya to school, gave earlier of six years and nine months, I thought it was almost seven, and the child is ready for school. But I was wrong. I look at my toddler and realize that he was not ready and is not ready. Every day for four lessons every day homework. It was hard for him to bear such a load!” said Agibalov.

      It also angered by the fact that in school the teacher adapts to each child, and to treat everyone the same. As noted Rita, teachers require students to answer at the Board, and also sit in the lesson 40 minutes. “I thought for homeschooling to translate, I wanted to pick up the documents! So they still try to take away. Phew! There is only one! To wait until the end of the first class and have to solve next!” shared sorrows Margarita.

      From the despair of a young mother asked for advice from their subscribers. She hoped that someone faced with a similar situation, and therefore unable to give her good advice. As it turned out, some moms are familiar with this problem. However, they expressed the opinion that it is necessary to take into account individual characteristics of children, their attitudes to learning and parental support.

      “It all depends on the child, the senior gave up six, and it all went like clockwork, Junior’s circumstances gave exactly seven and still suffering, even though he is already in second grade, but he didn’t want or need in the classroom to sit on, no homework to do. Whip,” “All passed through it after the first class will be easier. You’re likewise studied. What’s next, how will he get used to the difficulties and then, My daughter went at six o’clock sharp, at first lagged behind the best kids, then caught. Main – daily assistance and support to parents”, – expressed his opinion of the fans.

      In the beginning of the school year, Margaret has shared with followers feelings about the fact that Mitya is often distracted in class and hesitates to answer questions of the teacher with the whole class. Then Agibalova was hoping that her son will be able to overcome difficulties and begin to learn well. Margarita Agibalova panicking because of the baby