Маргарита Агибалова боится возвращаться в Россию The former participant of “House-2” admitted that he is very accustomed to living in Cyprus. Margarita Agibalova is not how it will re-adjust to Moscow. However, while the family is not going to leave the island.

      Маргарита Агибалова боится возвращаться в Россию

      In mid-March, the star of the reality show “Dom-2” Margarita Agibalova left Moscow and went together with his family in Cyprus. Her children, six-year-old Mitya and polutorogodovalogo daughter, Bella, was happy to be on a Sunny island. Agibalova did not hide the joy of that her heirs spend a lot of time in the fresh air, plenty of sunbathing and swimming in the sea. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” in awe of the island. But as it turned out, a favorable climate is not the only benefit European countries. Margaret spoke about what got used for the time in Cyprus. Now the former participant reality show “House-2” is experiencing, with some sense will return to Moscow.

      “In Cyprus in a big village. All greet each other, strangers to each other people communicate with each other in the store, on the street, passers-by help (to turn, to pass each other on a narrow street with another car). First, it’s like something alien, especially after the big metropolis, where a lot of people, and all on top of each other, by and large to spit, and then becomes very nice. I’ve even got used to it, then I will be in Moscow then. To get used to the cold again, in every sense of the word,” complained Agibalova his fans.

      However, not everyone shared the enthusiastic response of Marguerite of Cyprus. Some noticed that not all people are as friendly as they seem. “All this is only an appearance. Among them are also many evil people. The reverse side is that in places such gossip more and they are dirtier. As people in the villages to live with nothing but talk”, “In many countries of Europe, not only in Cyprus. People are trying to be friendly, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good,” reasoned fans Agibalova.

      Apparently, a former member of the famous TV project is going to settle on the island. Not so long ago, she received many congratulations on the acquisition of luxury private residence in Cyprus. However, immediately move family Agibalova will not work – until the property is under construction. Now, Margaret mom Irina Alexandrova counting the days to the moment they settle in their own home.

      Family Agibalova emigrated from Russia

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