March scandals: starship disassembly, which said the entire country

Мартовские скандалы: звездные разборки, о которых говорила вся страна The first month of spring brought to life the stars suddenly a lot of mixed events. “StarHit” collected the most acclaimed and talked-about events that happened in the lives of celebrities in March.

      Мартовские скандалы: звездные разборки, о которых говорила вся страна

      March turned out to be unexpectedly eventful provocative, scandalous and even shocking. The coincidence in the first month of spring brought many celebrities to the revelations and confessions, which they were not expected to breakups that became the bombshell, the antics of which no one even could not conceive.

      In “Revizorro” changed Elena Volatile ex-“VIA gra” Olga Romanov

      The TV channel “Friday” fans suddenly decided to change the presenter in the popular program “Revizorro”. And even held a casting, one of the participants was the infamous Nikita Dzhigurda. But the choice fell not on him but on 30-letnyuyu ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” Olga Romanov.

      Мартовские скандалы: звездные разборки, о которых говорила вся страна

      The news of the new host had in mind, not all fans of transmission. The initiative group organized a nationwide campaign of support for Helena Fly — in the Network actively started to spread the hashtag #verniciature. According to fans, Romanov looks too honest to lead a program about checking cafes, restaurants, hotels. The very same “culprit” of the scandal is confident that she will succeed.

      “I’m not afraid of comparisons with Lena. She’s a great professional, beautiful woman… And I have no problems with self-esteem! – said “StarHit” Olga Romanov.

      “You know that the experience I need to accumulate for months, but I am quite confident, said Romanovskaya. – And completely different — will be able to make the show something new. I have only a little time”. A new moderator will be on the air in early April.

      Care Helena Fly from “Revizorro” provoked a scandal

      The reasons for changing the main person of the show does not comment either on the channel or is itself Volatile. Meanwhile, among the fans featured different versions: a conflict with the producers, fear of aggressive heroes program and even pregnancy Helena. But the latest version of the star has been denied.


      Мартовские скандалы: звездные разборки, о которых говорила вся страна

      The 50-year-old actor Valery Nikolaev for the second month does not descend from pages of scandalous chronicle. It all began in late February, when the artist was responsible for a massive crash in the center of Moscow. And walked the whole strip of misfortunes. Having brought down 54-the summer woman on a pedestrian crossing, Nikolaev fled the scene. Police had to catch up with the artist on the car. Failed to apprehend him, but by the time he managed to RAM a few cars…

      Presnensky court of Nikolaev sentenced to 10 days of administrative arrest. But at the time of sentencing the actor in the courtroom was gone, I ran away. Detained him about a day. From jail he was released in early March. While Nikolaev was in jail, the death of his dog, favorite American Staffordshire Terrier SEWA. Later it turned out that the behavior of the actor provoked the care of his beloved wife – the star of the circus, Elmira Zemskova.

      Nikolaev pleaded not guilty. “You want a demonstration of the process? It will be revealing, the actor said on the air of TV programs. – Statements they are not going to pick up. I – too. Further – what are the facts outweigh”.

      Meanwhile, scandals in the lives of the stars of the series “bourgeois’s birthday” was not finished. In the afternoon of March 24, Nikolaev became a member of yet another incident of gross violation of traffic rules – the artist has left on an oncoming lane.


      Мартовские скандалы: звездные разборки, о которых говорила вся страна

      During the broadcast on the social network Periscope Dmitry Dibrov succumbed to the provocation, which caused a real scandal. The popular TV host flashed with anger, having received from one of the users a message saying “You have made the USSR”. Dibrov literally got mad, and commented on the phrase, without mincing words, considering these words in his address offensive.

      “The USSR has made me who I am?! Oh you… you knew how I … the USSR, as I tried to fight it? All first ten years of my life here in Moscow. The USSR made me…”

      The incident gained momentum when the record appeared on the Internet. The controversial video has caused a great resonance. At the moment the recording was watched by more than 200 thousand people. Dibrov, himself, convinced that man, left him this comment, decided to provoke, and he succeeded.


      Мартовские скандалы: звездные разборки, о которых говорила вся страна

      One of the most discussed in the end of March the steel the disassembly of actor Yevgeny Tsyganov told reporters. Scandalous scene, recorded on video, was played right at the entrance of the house, where Tsyganov came with Yuliya Snigir and her newborn baby.

      A fight between the artist and reporter of publications ensued at the entrance to the entrance of the house. Video where Tsyganov versed with the journalist in the presence of Julia, who was holding a baby, caused a flurry of gossip in the Network. Many eagerly discussing the bad behavior of celebrities, and some claimed that Eugene was just defending the right to privacy.

      Fight Evgeny Tsyganova received an unexpected response

      “He now lives with Julia, to take care of her, and of the son, who gave his surname. Tsyganov is in love and happy. Julia said that they are good. They live a civil marriage, just don’t advertise because of the difficult situation Tsyganova,” said relatives of the actress.

      We will remind, Yulia Snigir long concealed her pregnancy. And the name of the father of the child has not been officially announced. But the party has long said Snigir lives with Tsyganov, who resigned from the civil wife Irina Leonova, who bore him seven children. Rather, it is provoked and intensified the unpleasant incident.

      Note that in the environment of Julia admit that she and Eugene – happy couple.


      Мартовские скандалы: звездные разборки, о которых говорила вся страна

      Former wife of Valery Meladze long suspected the existence. Irina has got acquainted with Valery, when both were twenty years old, they married while still students. Raising three daughters, Irene knew her husband from gossip, and it was necessary to read his poems.

      Ex-wife Meladze spoke about the Albina Dzhanabaeva

      Valery himself told his wife that he has relationships on the side, and even the child grows. To the question “who”, not answered. But to calculate it was already a simple fact. When Irina began to call reporters, she decided to meet with the Albina Dzhanabaeva and talk openly. She refused.

      “I knew something was going on. Allow, anything, besides what happened actually,” admitted the ex-wife of the star.

      The couple officially divorced in 2014 after marriage for more than 20 years. “I could not accept such a degree of deception on the part of the man I loved and considered a friend, says ex-wife of musician. – For what Valery took Albina? I wonder if he was selling tangerines in the market, he would she needed? Love? But I do it all raises a smile”.


      Мартовские скандалы: звездные разборки, о которых говорила вся страна

      After 25 years of marriage, Svetlana and Fedor Bondarchuk decided to put an end to family relationships. Celebrities made an official statement in which he thanked each other for years, lived together and has maintained a close relationship that family will turn into friendship.

      Rumors that the star family are not going smoothly, went for a long time: that Svetlana was no longer to allow the ribbon photo with Fedor, then suddenly changed in social networks the husband’s surname at maiden. But all this was a logical explanation. However, the smoke without fire does not happen. Recall that Bondarchuk met, even when Svetlana was in school. However, tightly they began to communicate only through the year, and in 1991 formalized the relationship. The couple has two children — 25-year-old Sergey and 16-year-old Barbara, who lives abroad. Parents protect the girl from the stranger’s attention, she was born prematurely and has features of development.

      “With love and gratitude to each other for years, lived together, became close friends, maintaining a mutual respect and love for our family, we, Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk, to announce: we have decided to divorce”

      According to the star couple, their divorce wasn’t worth the disagreements. “The time together was wonderful, but today we parted ways because of this fact there are no conflicts, grievances, or controversies. We are no longer a couple but remain friends,” the statement said Bondarchuk.


      Мартовские скандалы: звездные разборки, о которых говорила вся страна

      Or is it not a divorce? Apparently, it is too early to put the final point in this relationship. But the word “divorce” has already sounded. Dana Borisova and Andrey Troshchenko got married in June last year, after a fairly short acquaintance. The man quickly charmed Dan and I made friends with her daughter Pauline. The thunder struck in February, when Dana and her daughter vacationing in the Maldives, and Andrew remained in Moscow.

      “When Danecki was not home, he gathered some of his things, sat down in “Mercedes” of his wife and left in an unknown direction,” – said a friend of the presenter.

      “The last two months, Dana and Andrew always argued on different occasions, – has shared with “Stricom” friend of the stars Oksana. She tried to contact him. Eventually wrote a statement to the police about the theft. Dana admitted to me that this is a “bullet point” in her marriage.”

      The husband showed up in a couple of days, Borisov and forgave him. However, doubts were expressed that now they can live together. But the ladies were fickle creatures, and just after some time Andrew came back to Dana. However, at the end of March in the microblog Borisova appeared an enigmatic message under the picture with two bouquets of flowers: “a Nice compliment to the two ladies from a stranger. But my heart is not so happy, we have already heard that terrible word “divorce”.

      Note, this was not the only trouble that happened in the life of Dana Borisova this month. First in the hospital with attempted poisoning hit her mother, and later crooks stole her credit-card 240 thousand rubles, taking advantage of the desire of the presenter as soon as possible to sell the same “Mercedes”, which “escaped” husband.



      Мартовские скандалы: звездные разборки, о которых говорила вся страна

      One of the most highly paid tennis players in the world Maria Sharapova in the beginning of March during a specially convened press conference in Los Angeles confessed to doping. Positive doping test was taken in January at the Australian Open in 2016. In the sample of tennis players was found Meldonium, which is included in the list of prohibited substances from January 1 this year. According to Sharapova, she’s in the last few years took Meldonium as a medicine for the prevention of diabetes of the first type. And having received in December the updated list of banned drugs, not even looked into it.

      Doping scandal: who will take on the work of Maria Sharapova?

      Now the athlete is suspended from competition until a decision on her case. In addition, Nike and Porsche stopped with her advertising contracts. Note that Sharapova is not the only Russian athlete who has not passed the test and removed from the competition. The list already amounts to dozens of names and is constantly growing.

      Meanwhile, Maria is sympathetic to what is happening and hoping for a positive resolution of the situation. “I love the morning. New day, new start. But today was not usual. All I can think about wanting to return to tennis, and I hope I’ll have the chance again to go on court. Of course, I’d rather not get into a similar situation, but I got her through it,” Sharapova wrote.

      Son of Nikas Safronov, will be brought to criminal responsibility

      Мартовские скандалы: звездные разборки, о которых говорила вся страна

      On the evening of 11 March, 25-year-old Luca Zatravkin, the son of the famous artist Nikas Safronov, got in an accident. Passing on the green light, he brought down the elderly woman who crossed the road at a red light. Luke tried to give first aid to the 78-year-old woman, but from the received traumas she has died on the spot. According to the young man, he was driving at the correct speed, but because of the late time of day saw the pedestrian at the last moment when change was impossible. Now the son of the famous painter criminal investigation. Note that based on results of examination, blood alcohol Luke was not detected. After the accident he was returning from his mother, who is terminally ill with cancer in the fourth stage.

      The son of Nikas Safronov: “many times I wanted to end this life”

      Luka Zatravkin — a young, talented pianist. Engaged in music since the age of five. Being a six year old, Luke, has already been successfully performed in Hannover at the competition to the memory of Shostakovich. During his career participated in thousands of concerts and became a laureate of the sixteen competitions around the world, has the title of honorary Professor of the Swiss Conservatory. All who follow the creativity of the pianist, you know that he is not indifferent to people and does not belong to the category of “majors” who spend money their parents. He is considered not only “the second Rachmaninoff”, but also a very religious man.

      The Zatravkin is still in shock and very upset. “I feel guilty, – has told “StarHit” Luka Zatravkin. And ready to face all the responsibility. I am also ready to help the relatives of this woman, I am very worried because of what happened. I now really really hard”.

      Andrew Hagolan broke up with fiancee

      Мартовские скандалы: звездные разборки, о которых говорила вся страна

      A year ago Andrew and Diana Gidulyan ochilova wanted to legitimize the relationship and planned to get married in summer. But then their plans were violated by the disease — the actor was diagnosed with cancer and he went to Germany for treatment. The bride all this time they were close to him, was a reliable support and support. Many fans noted the extraordinary courage of a girl who could drop everything to be near her beloved. In early February, finished treatment, the couple returned to Moscow. And a month and a half, like a thunder in a clear sky, came the words of Diana about a breakup. For fans, this news was shocking. They could not believe that after all the difficulties which overcame a pair, after all, that Andrew and Diane have experienced, they can leave.

      “He opened his eyes, and the first thing I thought: “What next?! Where to start”… Bezyshodnosti scares”

      The reason for this decision is still not clear. But Diana ochilova feels bad about the breakup. Looks like it was a real kick. “Scared to leave the comfort zone and stability. You need to learn how to solve problems and to be ready for anything. Become stronger and not be afraid to descend into the real world. But something tells me that all will be well. Need a plan and adhere to it? Or just live and get what you have in store for destiny? Feel like a child who needs to learn to walk. Self – reliance is not about me, but life itself gives a kick to Wake up and start to live a new life,” wrote the girl in social networks.


      At the end of March Alice VOX, vocalist of “Leningrad”, who’s vocals was used in the popular song “the Exhibit”, said in his microblog about the decision to leave the team and start your solo project. Most fans wondered what was the reason for sudden change in the composition of the group, especially when the team constantly gives concerts and is at the peak of popularity. Some says that a possible reason for Alice to leave the band was having an affair with Sergei Shnurov. But the latter is happily married to the dancer Mathilde, so this rumor is unlikely to have grounds. Rumor has it that Cord was dissatisfied with the attitude of the VOX to work, supposedly she zazvezdilsya. In fact, it suggests the message and the group leader in his microblog.

      “I have promised nothing. On a whim made from medium girls quite a stars. Think of the way the material promote. Decide how to to their loved. Well, not exactly them, the way, of course. The efforts of our team we create a character of myth out of nothing. It’s our job. And because of that we are pretty good doing their job, you experience the claims. Audiences love the image, and made us hate the end. But it is inevitable. Invented by me and made by the staff of the Heroine of the myth pretty quickly and naively begin to believe in their divine nature. And Goddesses we do not know how. We’re fired pots” – written by Sergei Shnurov.

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