8 марта: необычные поздравления от Тарзана, Владимира Кристовского, Гарика Харламова On international women’s day celebrities have traditionally greeted their women, each other, their fans. And shared with subscribers of the unexpected photos and memories. Who was the original?

How could anyone not belonged to the 8th of March, the appearance of which we owe to the activists of the feminist movement Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxembourg, the majority still follow the traditions. Millions of men on international Women’s day I congratulate women, give flowers and gifts. The stars of show business is no exception.

Rare entertainer, actor or representative of another public profession not celebrated this day in their social networks. Some have confined themselves to General pictures and words, others congratulated the women in the short-lived stories. But there are those who excelled.

For example, the famous stripper, entertainer Tarzan, he’s Sergei Glushko congratulated women on the eve, published on his page in instagram candid photos (half-naked Tarzan with girl on shoulders) and suddenly turned to the men.

“Men! Be brave! Tomorrow’s the big day! But we’re on the men to shoulder all of this!” – signed photo of Tarzan.

Sergei later, though he added a poem of her own, asked not to judge strictly and congratulated the women. By the way, March 8, and Sergey Glushko is congratulated, because it is his birthday, he was 48 years old. Generally, in this date were born several famous and talented men. Actor Victor Dobronravov celebrates 35th birthday. Singer max Barsky was 27, and musician Peter Dranga – 33.

But people’s artist Andrei Mironov today would have marked the 77th anniversary of the. Generally the actor was born on March 7, but the parents wrote it on the 8th. So his daughter, the actress Maria Mironova in this festive day, published a child’s photo with dad and touching signed it.

“Daddy, sweetie darling, Andrey Mironov, Menaker, you were born on this day, it is the gift of our family all women of the country! Shine forever happily, like you know how…! Dear Mothers, Daughters, Grandmothers and Sisters!”, – posted by Maria Mironova.

Unexpected, very sweet photo he shared another actress Julia Peresild has published a rare photo with his daughters. The artist already has made no secret children, which gave birth to film Director Alexei Uchitel, but still quite tenderly guards his private life.

“You, my dear subscribers, know how rarely I post children but there is a gentle… couldn’t resist. Love. Love for them is immeasurable, limitless… I melt… dissolve in them. Congratulations to all the girls with March 8! One wish – Love in all its manifestations. A lot. Spread the love with this space generously. It all returns…” – signed photo with Yulia Peresild.

Video gifts to your subscribers did musicians Vladimir Kristovskiy and Katya, Iowa and Sasha Rowan. Frontman of the band “UmaTurman” on a huge snowy field with a snowmobile wrote congratulations and filmed the whole process from a bird’s flight. And the girls presented a video for the song about the 8th of March.

“All the girls on March 8! During the day we with Riabinini ever invented, the song was recorded in Studio and shot a video for it! …we can all boundaries cease to exist, we open all the doors and go towards our fears, when we believe! One bouquet of Mimosa in the morning and a quiet “good morning” is able to deliver us from all doubt! We live, to smile, to hug, to support and make each day nicer. Love life. Happy holiday, girls! Open the Windows! PS during the filming none of the Mimosas didn’t hurt. We carefully collected and transferred to the Council of Veterans of war and labor of the Nevsky District (St. Petersburg), to March 8 to please lonely older people,” wrote the singer Katia Iowa.

However, not all this day has brought joy. Garik Kharlamov March 8, shared the sad news. Comedian is very sick, his flu, he told subscribers in the network Instagram. And noticed that it is perhaps the most original greeting: “This is probably some sort of irony, but I got sick this March 8th! Some horrible flu latched on and hammer me. I want to congratulate all women on this holiday and it seems I did. So. Dear girl, girls, women and grandmothers! I would like to sincerely congratulate you on March 8! Without you we would not exist , without you it would not be you! Love, beauty, eternal, all lipstick and every woman man! Cheers. 8!”, – posted by Garik Kharlamov.

Greetings from other stars also deserve attention. For example, Maxim Galkin was accompanied by celebratory speeches a rare photo of herself as a child, Leonid Agutin dedicated women poetic lines, and Gnomegnome, aka Sasha Plushenko, pripodnes mother Yana Rudkovskaya Tulip and congratulated the poem.