Marc Jacobs made the proposal to her boyfriend

Марк Джейкобс сделал предложение своему бойфренду

Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend, a former model and the owner of the brand of scented candles, Charlie Defrancesco now engaged. A happy event happened yesterday, at a Mexican restaurant. 54-year-old fashion designer in the tradition was on one knee and proposed to his beloved to which he replied “Yes.

Марк Джейкобс сделал предложение своему бойфренду

The engagement was timed to the birthday of Charlie, which the couple decided to celebrate at a Mexican restaurant in new York. Dinner went as usual, but suddenly all employees and visitors stood up from their seats and began to dance under the famous song of Prince — Kiss. Charlie was surprised and thought that the flash mob came up for him to mark on his birthday. He started to take action on the phone, but then mark was on one knee, and made him an offer hands and hearts. Then, Defrancesco understand what these dances. When Charlie answered “Yes” the entire room erupted with applause. A great event ended with a hot kiss.

It was all captured on video, which he soon, Jacobs posted on his page in instagram. “Here’s what happened… “Charlie Defrancesco, will you marry me?” A big thank you to everyone who helped this video happen. And my fiance, who is always for me. I love you!” — he signed the video.

Mark and Charlie have been Dating for a couple of years. Defrancesco in the past worked as a model, and now he has his own company producing scented candles. Lovers often travel, and often appear in fashion shows, what obliges the profession of Jacobs. However, secular parties Marc and Charlie don’t like — they prefer home gatherings.

Recall that this is not the first marriage of Jacobs. To this end, in 2008 he proposed to his boyfriend Lorenzo Martone in 2009, they legalized relationships, but a year later broke up. It is hoped that the second engagement and second marriage will last for Marc Jacobs ‘ longer.

Another boyfriend of Mark was Harry Louis — former porn star. About the separation mark and Harry said in instagram. “I want to be the first one to tell you the news… mark and I decided not to continue our relationship as Boyfriends… the Distance and lack of time due to difficult work schedules — not from the category of reality, and mark such a beautiful and amazing person that I think he deserves a boyfriend who at least lives in the same city.”

Harry added that he and mark still love each other and the decision to part was mutual. “We appreciate every special moment we spent together, but now we both started a new Chapter… We’re both focused on work. So those who have always supported — don’t worry, life goes on. Well, those who were praying that this day has come — please, here it is. Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis are officially not a couple anymore!!!”