Мраморная помада, ночная маска для губ, увлажняющий кушон и еще 10 горячих бьюти-новинок осени

Talk about interesting beauty-updates — colony, military, marble lipstick and much more.

Moisturizing cream with a light coverage SPF15 Skin Illusion, Clarins (3 350 RUB.)

Experts Clarins know how to make easier not only your life, but and Foundation. Skin Illusion texture is more like a serum, it’s all about the optimal number of pigments dissolved in low-fat oils.

Expect the novelty will erase from the face brown spots and dark circles under the eyes is not necessary (it is not created for this). But a few drops (bottle is equipped with a pipette with a rounded end like the Clarins oil) Foundation, Skin Illusion is enough to instantly freshen the complexion and even out skin tone. In addition, according to the riches of the composition of the product can compete with the body means. Here, organic extract of Kalanchoe, red algae, and oil of Silybum marianum. Foundation cream is available in 12 shades, which can be divided into Golden beige and rose beige.

Мраморная помада, ночная маска для губ, увлажняющий кушон и еще 10 горячих бьюти-новинок осени

Moisturizing cushion Cushion Aqua Glow Bee Abeille Royale, Guerlain (5 310 rubles).

At the shows of Victoria Beckham, Chloe and Gucci model appeared under the lights with a wet effect on the face and a slight pink blush. To repeat this make now will not be difficult if you have moisture Glow cushion Cushion Aqua Bee Abeille Royale, Guerlain. The house of Guerlain was inspired by the trend honey glow skin (this skin is filled with moisture, shining and smooth, like honey) and Bee came up with Glow — fluid, which “infuses” the moisture in the skin and gently evens skin tone.

New gel texture presented in the format kushana — this one definitely won’t spill in your purse and won’t dry all around. It is a pity that the tool only came in two shades: one is very bright and the other Golden, for those who managed to get a tan over the summer.

Мраморная помада, ночная маска для губ, увлажняющий кушон и еще 10 горячих бьюти-новинок осени

Lip balm Le Rouge Perfecto, Givenchy (2 705 RUB.)

“Lips are underlined, but if not painted” — so Nicolas Degen, creative Director of Givenchy makeup, describes the balm Le Rouge Perfecto. This fall has released in three new shades: pale pink (No.2 Intense Pink), pink pearl sequins (No.3 Sparkling Pink) and plum (No.4 Blue Pink).

The point is that the balm adapts to the individual pH of every skin and manifests on the lips in different ways. Composed of Shea butter, chili pepper extract, menthol and hyaluronic acid, this mix improves blood circulation and microcirculation, due to which lips looked well-groomed and seductive. Special attention is given a leather case soft pink hue — who said that beauty cannot be a fashion accessory!


Military Teint Couture Radiant Drop and Shimmer Powder Teint Couture, Givenchy (3 640 rubles).

Givenchy this fall has grown for the admirers of the brand a whole crop of new products. The range of brand there are two of highlighter — Radiant Teint Couture Drop and Teint Couture Shimmer Powder in two textures (compact tool and fluid). The powder is good because it contains no talc, so the texture blends into the skin, and the novelty will notice the highlighter and contouring. Fans of liquid textures will surely enjoy Radiant Teint Couture Drop presented in a bottle with a dropper and a brush.

Nicolas Degen to create the effect of glowing natural skin advised to add a drop of highlighter in day cream for the face, mix textures and apply to the skin. Teint Couture highlighter Radiant Drop came in two shades: soft pink and shining gold.

Shower gel Flying Fox, Lush (about 1 500 roubles)

In may 2018 co-founder of Lush products and inventor mark Constantine addressed to the users of the network in their Instagram and said, “If you could choose a new shower gel, what would you like?”. It’s a lot of interesting ideas related to their favorite products and scents, so there was a collection of seven semiconservative shower gels with fragrances chosen by the fans Lush. They will be available exclusively on the website of the brand.

We have already managed to get acquainted with the gel with the intriguing title Flying Fox (“Flying Fox”). No, the novelty does animals do not smell as you might think. The tool is fragrant ylang-ylang, Jasmine, cypress and honey. “I say embrace your inner Fox!” — call us the experts of the brand (whatever that means).

Мраморная помада, ночная маска для губ, увлажняющий кушон и еще 10 горячих бьюти-новинок осени
Line cleansers Glow’n ‘ Roses, Lancome (990 RUB.)

The best canvas for any makeup — a healthy radiant skin. This rule was guided by brand Lancome, has been developing a lift body when range of Glow’n ‘ Roses, which includes exfoliating and moisturizing mask, micellar water and a special tonic.

New micellar Eau Micellaire Confort with rose water removes all traces of make-up not only quickly, but very carefully. Toner with glycerin and hyaluronic acid Tonique Confort will prepare the skin for subsequent cosmetic treatments, restore water balance, refresh and soothe. Two or three times a week, the experts of the brand are advised to use mask Rose Sugar Scrub and Hydra Zen Jelly Mask. The first sugar-based heats up when applied to the skin and acts like a soft peeling. And second, like other products of this line Hydra Zen moisturizing. Have all the new collections and something in common — a Duo of acacia and sweet almond oil in the composition.

Marble color Marble Lipstick, Essence (213 RUB)

If you believe the calendar, fall has already begun, but the summer heat has not yet hurry with us to say goodbye. Here’s a new collection of Wanted: Sunset Dreamers, Essence, made in beige and Golden tones, calling in the heart of the desert where the air is melting from the heat.

In the line you will find and gradient bronzer (about it we already talked), and the same gradient blush, and highlighter, and gentle exfoliation for lips and tattoos for your nails in the style of boho. And what are Rudova and purple fondant, decorated with a marble pattern.

A bath line Gabrielle Chanel (price on zaprosu)

A year later after the release of the aroma of Gabrielle French House has released tools for body care. The line includes shower gel, moisturizing body milk and a deodorant spray. All means repeat the flavor of the Gabrielle.

Perfumer Olivier Polge blended ylang-ylang, Jasmine, tuberose from Grasse, and then added velvety musk and creamy sandalwood. Acidity novelty imparts a fresh tangerine and grapefruit peel and black currants. You can now smell like their favorite song literally from head to toe (God forgive you people that morning ride with you in the Elevator, subway or a stuffy bus).

Lotion hair Party Ready Volume Lotion, Toni&Guy (about 800 rubles).

This product gives the hair volume, which no terrible woollen hats. Lotion hair Party Ready Volume Lotion, Toni&Guy, perfect for styling in the style of punk rock, which is so relevant in this season.

To use any special rituals carried out not need: brand stylists recommend to put it on wet hair, then placed with the aid of brushing. Curls will be shiny and voluminous, thus combing them is not difficult — no sticky “icicles”.

Мраморная помада, ночная маска для губ, увлажняющий кушон и еще 10 горячих бьюти-новинок осени

Multifunctional mask Miracle Creator 20, Matrix (510 rubles).

This pink baby girl and I want to take with you on vacation. Mask Miracle Creator 20, Matrix in just 60 seconds promises to make your hair the same shiny and silky as the models of shampoo. Figure 20 in the name of the tool as it suggests how much useful to expect from him: it nourishes, softens, minimizes damage, smoothes cuticles, moisturizes, detangles, enhances Shine — the list goes on and on.

Мраморная помада, ночная маска для губ, увлажняющий кушон и еще 10 горячих бьюти-новинок осени

Gamma for extreme restoration of hair Re TR-Bond, Matrix (from 1190 RUB.)

A recent survey showed that girls from 18 to 24 years with the advent of bonding were two times more likely to dye their hair. To maintain the health of the tresses in the home technology Matrix has released a line TR Re-Bond. Shampoo enriched with citric acid, cleanses the hair from harmful minerals, metals, and chlorine, protects from sworn enemies such as hard water, copper and calcium and makes weak connections to strengthen. Pre-conditioning with maleic acid penetrates deep into hair and restores the protein (they are damaged during the staining and discoloration). And finally the last step is the conditioner, enriched with taurine. It strengthens weakened when inside the lock, and the systematic use has a cumulative effect and helps to develop immunity against future damage.

Мраморная помада, ночная маска для губ, увлажняющий кушон и еще 10 горячих бьюти-новинок осени

Night lip mask Buttermask For Lips, Kiehl’s (1990 RUB)

Nothing hydrates the lips like butter. To verify this, it is enough to try the mask with the coconut oil and wild mango Buttermask For Lips, Kiehl’s. It works while you sleep. Apply a generous layer before bedtime and in the morning even dry and flaky lips will be hydrated, soft and ready for kissing.

Novelty can also serve as Express before applying lipstick. Nothing prevents you to use the mask and instead of the usual lip balm. In General, stuff is cool and versatile.

Мраморная помада, ночная маска для губ, увлажняющий кушон и еще 10 горячих бьюти-новинок осени

Multifunctional elixir radiance Glow Formula, Kiehl’s (2690 RUB.)

Moisture + shimmering particles is not a mathematical formula, a formula for the radiance. Laboratory experts Kiehl’s used it in the development of new multifunctional tools Glow Formula, which is 95 percent natural ingredients (sulfates and parabens don’t belong here). Chief among them is pomegranate extract (probably so the bottle means red).

The elixir will suit you in that situation when you do not want to do make-up, but I want to see the skin smooth and radiant. For example, at weekends or during the holidays. The novelty can be added to moisturizer, can be used instead of makeup base or in combination with it before using makeup (for the effect of no make up make up) or use as a highlighter, applying on the cheekbones, tip of the nose and the arc of Cupid (top lip).

Мраморная помада, ночная маска для губ, увлажняющий кушон и еще 10 горячих бьюти-новинок осени