Марат Сафин рассказал о том, как относится к одиночеству и животным

Марат Сафин рассказал о том, как относится к одиночеству и животным

Famous 39-year-old Russian tennis player Marat Safin are very rarely appears at social events and had little contact with reporters. So every interview is of great interest to fans. Especially in recent times Marat became more talkative and often mentions about his personal life, and because he is a bachelor, it attracts a female audience. Recently he had been in the air of TV Rain, where journalists picked up for him a most interesting question.

After Marat Safin tied with big-time sports, he decided to engage in politics and even stood in deputies from “United Russia”, but for unknown reasons, in 2017, he left his powers. After that, all these years, he became the target of journalists, all trying to find out the cause and find out how things are going on the personal front. After all, the man still haven’t been married, but his novels were very memorable.

The first serious sweetheart for Safina became Daria Zhukova, the man went everywhere with his beloved and presented her to the press as his bride. The relationship ended in 2005, is the cause of separation is unknown.

For a long time Marat had an affair with Opera singer Aida Garifullina, many even predicted that she would become his first wife. They both often gave interviews where they shared plans for future children. However, in 2016, the couple broke up and refused comment on what is happening.

Last year Marat gave his last interview in which he admitted that he has no wife or beloved woman. And in the moment he wants a relationship and enjoys being alone. Has anything changed for this year now know.

Now the relationship to loneliness as a tennis player is: “I was in a long relationship, but now such a period — I wanted to be alone. What to look for love? As if you don’t go with the flashlight looking for: want you to stay here for a bit? No, it’s when things come together, somewhere somehow it will appear. Here’s a period, it so happened that while one”. The man also admitted that he does not lead a private life. Just like now, no one has found along the way. After a long relationship, he still loves women, they did not disappoint, but rather showed that the family is fine.

In his opinion, people love each other for the disadvantages in the character, because with the pros to get and easy. At a time when you just meet, all trying to show themselves in the best light, and as soon as you start to live together, get out the worst part. So with the wedding he was never in a hurry, it is important to see the person from all sides, then to not be sorry for the children who will be raised by loving parents and grandmothers and nannies.

Marat believes that the most important achievement in the life of any person should have children, because to watch TV or dine alone, it is always possible. But children want to grow only near the woman who will be perfect for him. Moreover, he is not afraid to be alone for the rest of his days as a joke the athlete to be in old age, someone brought water, he is able to hire a Filipina.

While men period of loneliness, he will be saved travel. His home is in Moscow and Monaco, those of the city, where he was most comfortable. Engaged in serious health, keeps himself in excellent physical form, for it is now a way of life the most attractive. Of course, to live all the time travel he’s not going to, but while it is possible, then why not.

The athlete is going to start his own business, but until it is it 100% sure there are no gestures to make wants. In the head of Mature plans, but it is only formally.

Safin also shared about the attitude to depression. He believes that this concept is all put different sense. Specifically, he believes that depression never fell, was only moments when at the household level, something went wrong and it was very frustrating and put into an apathetic state. But pretty quickly everything passes without sad moments in life do not happen.

Celebrity enjoys different spiritual practices, but to disclose what he is not going. Marat says that when he goes to Peru or South America, all know about why this is done. He visits these places twice a year and this is enough to return inspired. Unfortunately, he believes that people are now very dependent, and if they share something spiritual, it’s just to give an extra reason to twist his temple. So on his travels, he does not tell anyone.

Shared male and their attitude towards animals. He’s in the house live two cats, and when he chose them the main condition gender: girls only. As a cat owner he’s talking to them and realizes that lurks in this mysterious “meow”. In the evening the older cat places to sleep, wakes up in the morning, when the bad comes and takes away the negativity. In a sense, they are better than women — says Marat.


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