У Марата Башарова родился сын The actor and his fiancee became parents to a lovely baby. Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Shevarkov take many congratulations. The actor already has an 11-year old daughter who is happy now that she had a brother.

      У Марата Башарова родился сын

      The famous actor Marat Basharov became a father for the second time. His beloved Elizabeth Shevarkov gave your partner a long-awaited son. The boy appeared yesterday in one of the capital’s hospitals. The heir of Marat and his beloved Elizabeth was born weighing 3,410 kg and growth of 53 centimetres.

      Now mum and the newborn feel well and waiting when they return home, told to “StarHit” friends of the couple. Relatives and friends of the couple, and many fans sent congratulations to the young mother and child.

      That famous actor and a Bank employee become parents, the public learned in late March. The lovers were in no hurry to devote all my personal life, so fans have learned about the imminent birth of the heir when Elizabeth couldn’t hide rounded tummy while on decent term of pregnancy.

      But most of all the baby waited 11-year-old daughter Basharova amélie, born in Barka Elizabeth Crocko.

      “Amelie is happy that she will have a brother. For the second: one’s mother, and now I will on my father. And she fantasizes how it will be nice: she’s so Mature, and near – brothers, one of whom is a baby…,” said Basharov.

      With the new darling dad girl perfectly well. Moreover, the current choice of the actor communicates the girl’s mother. Together, they are vacationing in the winter in Switzerland. And this is not the first joint journey, a new passion of the actor with his first family. Last summer they went on a trip to Turkey.

      Despite the fact that Marat and Elizabeth was born a child, yet Basharov in no hurry to formalize the relationship with the beloved. But how to convince the numerologist Vitaly Bograd, the wedding is not far off.

      Beloved Marat Basharova persuade him to marry

      “I am sure that under the influence of Elizabeth’s requests Marat soon marries her. It is in his nature to keep a woman at his side. But there is one subtle point that can delay a marriage, the birth of a child can cool his ardent mind, as he already has a bird in the hand”. Last year Basharova was loud divorce with actress Catherine Ancharovoj, who accused him of beating. And Lisa in this case are not protected from manifestations of aggression Marat, like Catherine. Salvation from anger Basharova in the family routine. When he and Lisa live together and take care of the baby, the habit will take over and calm actor. Very soon we will see Marat in the new project. As for health, you should pay attention to the heart and blood vessels of your head,” said the numerologist.

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