Marat Basharova appeared two children

У Марата Башарова появилось еще двое детей
The actor was engaged in charity.

Marat Basharov

Photo: Instagram

Marat Basharov was engaged in charity: actor
said that they are eager to take custody of the two children of the Lebanese

Marat is going to help a seven year old and five year old ASMA
Ahmad, who now reside in temporary camps.

“Guardianship is a monthly financial
support Basharov Syrian children,” — said the head of the Islamic
charitable Foundation “Zakat” Ildar Alafinov.

The money transferred Basharov, will be used to purchase
food and things for the Ahmad and ASMA, as well as members of their families. Have
boy has six brothers and sisters, and the girls five. Children grow up without
fathers that Sharia law is equal to the orphanage.

At the end of January with Ahmad and ASMA will meet Russian
the delegation, after which will be signed the necessary documents.

Basharov assured that he wants the children of these
countries like Syria and Lebanon saw the peaceful sky over your head, and also felt
confidence in the future, as it was with Soviet students. For this, he
promises to make every effort.

“I get scared when I hear that children live in
tents, sleeping on mattresses or even on the ground and just malnourished” — leads
RIA Novosti the words of the actor.