Marat Basharov took daughter from ex-wife

Марат Башаров забрал дочку у бывшей жены
According to media reports, 13-year-old Amelie settled in the home of the Pope.

Марат Башаров забрал дочку у бывшей жены

My daughter Marat Basharova got some fans

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Recently, the Network appeared the information that Marat Basharov took Elizabeth Crocco daughter. As reported by several media outlets, most recently 13-year-old Amelie lives in the house his famous dad. The new wife of Marat — Elizabeth Savercool has developed a trusting relationship with the heir of Marat. For example, when the actor goes on tour, it helps Amelie to do the schoolwork.

However, with his mother Amelie is also found quite often. Despite the fact that Krutko recently born son, she finds time to communicate with his daughter. By the way, Marat and Elizabeth even after parting managed to keep a great relationship. Besides, at the moment, each of them finally found marital happiness, so Basharova and Crocko is not difficult to find a common language.

“Amelie was always a daddy’s girl, and now she lives in the house of the father. New wife of Marat became friends with a girl. Spouse the actor calls Lisa Jr., and first wife — Lisa-senior, believing that they were like brother and sister”, reports

Recall that about two weeks ago Basharov married again. 43-year-old actor took the legitimate wife’s lover (and part-time mom to her little son Marcel) — Elizabeth Shevarkov. The star couple married in Solntsevsky registry office. And although what the actor intends to formalize its relationship with the chosen one became known last year, the exact date of an important event in the life of a popular artist known only to his closest friends.

The story of the novel Marata and Elizabeth was quite confusing. The couple met five years before the wedding, but then their meeting had not led to the development of a romantic relationship. Since Basharov managed to get married, and after the scandal to divorce Catherine ancharovoj. After neslojnoe marriage Marat met up with Elizabeth and already with her any more were not separated. In July last year Shevarkov gave Marat son Marcel. And in March of this year, Marat made Elizabeth an offer of marriage. It happened during a romantic trip to Prague.