Marat Basharov secretly married fan

Марат Башаров тайно обвенчался с поклонницей

The actor and his girlfriend Elizabeth Shevarkov not yet officially registered their relationship, and went through the Muslim wedding ceremony.

In July of this year 42-year-old Marat Basharov became a father for the second time. His beloved Elizabeth Shevarkov gave birth to the actor’s son, who was named Marcel. All this time new parents to the registry office was not in a hurry, they are quite satisfied with a civil marriage. However, recently it became known that the couple was married according to Muslim traditions. And almost by accident!

When his son Marat Basharova it has been a week, he had to go by the naming. For this, the wife called the Mullah, he scolded lovers for living and raising a child while being unwed.

“At the same time and we “married”. I don’t have time to prepare, and terribly worried,” he confessed to journalists Elizabeth.

“We have a nikah – Muslim wedding ceremony. Everything was very festive. Came home the Mullah recited prayers… We called guests, set the table with different treats, tea, sweets. Of course, without alcohol. It was interesting,” – said Marat Basharov, writes, “Telenedelya”.

This pair is not going to stop. Marat and Elizabeth plan to marry in the registry office, but when it happens, I don’t know.

“I want to marry the man she loved, but I understand that Marat needs time. He immediately said, “Let’s not jump to any registry office. I promise it will happen, but later,” frankly admitted Shevarkov.

If the wedding Marat has nothing to say, about your son, he is ready to talk for hours. The actor it seems that the baby is growing by leaps and bounds. And Basharov not wait when Marcel can play football, tennis, hockey.

Recall that in addition to Marseille, Marat Basharov and his girlfriend are raising 12-year-old Amelie, the actor’s daughter from a previous marriage with Elizabeth Crocco.