Марат Башаров доказал правдивость «Битвы экстрасенсов» TV presenter and actor spoke about the horrific crime that revealed the psychic Natalia Pantaeva. Marat Basharov does not hide that sincerely believes in the supernatural abilities of the participants of the show, because it have seen miracles.
Марат Башаров доказал правдивость «Битвы экстрасенсов»

Marat Basharov for many years leading the program “Battle of psychics.” He has repeatedly defended members blamed the lack of supernatural abilities. Recently a man visited the meeting in Penza. Answering questions from fans, he said that everything on the project is true.

He also remembered the fabulous case has been witnessing.

“A few years ago, lost relative, my friends. Stopped communicating, answering phone calls and messages in social networks. Relatives raised the alarm and after I turned to Natalia Banteay couldn’t she say what happened? Pantaeva, barely touching photos, verdict: “This woman is dead”. Say, the living person radiates heat, and the dead – cold”, – said Marat.

Such a quick verdict shocked and Basharova and his friends. Then Pantaeva decided to conduct a more detailed analysis. Psychic studied things missing and said that she’s not alive. Moreover, Natalia explained that she sees the knife and blood.

“I started to ask how she figured it out? Pantaeva mysteriously replies, but that you, supposedly, do not need to know. I passed the information on to friends. Two days later came a message from Interpol: found the body of missing with a stab wound to the heart. So, believe it or not,” explained Basharov.

Earlier, the actor has repeatedly said that it would be the program if I didn’t believe in psychic ability of participants. According to Basharova, in Russia and the CIS countries there are many talented mediums and witches that can not just show their abilities, but also to help people.

But one leader Mikhail Porechenkov on the contrary was of the opinion the nature of the staging of the show. Its harsh statements about “the battle of psychics” has caused a wave of negativity from former members and fans of the project…

Communicating with the portal Pravda-news.ru, Basharov said that his attitude to the project are entirely reasonable and based on the weight of proven cases of supernatural intervention of psychics in the investigation of complicated cases.