Марат Башаров приобретает лучшие гаджеты для будущего ребенка The actor and his wife preparing for the birth of a son. Marat Basharov is buying for the heir of essential goods. The parents have already become owners of “baby monitors” that will monitor the movement of the child in the house.

      Марат Башаров приобретает лучшие гаджеты для будущего ребенка

      Soon the actor Marat Basharov going to be a dad for the second time. His common-law wife Elizabeth Shevarkov is the ninth month of pregnancy. The couple decided not to be on any prejudices and enjoy their own country house in the village of Goworowo for the child. The parents move around the capital in a white convertible Lexus” in search of exclusive things for your son.

      So, one of the first purchases was the “baby-Cam”, a camera device to track all movements of the child. The actor visited the Pro shop and picked the right device.

      “Marat came to us with Elizabeth and his daughter from his first marriage Amelie. However, the girl was waiting for dad in the car, – shares with “StarHit” the consultant of the store. – At first we didn’t even recognize him. He wore a cap, and the face was semi covered. Lisa sat down on the chair, but Marat asked for help from us. He needed the best and most reliable model “baby monitors” that would have been connected to his phone, to even on tour, he was able to observe what is happening at home. We advised him MBP853 the latest model from the company Motorola. It works via WI-FI. Has the function of remote monitoring. As to the camera is the parent block, through which Lisa will be able to watch your baby while in another room. A two-way audio communication and night lighting. Before you make a choice, Marat walked over to Lisa, showed her and asked her if she likes the model. She endorsed. She was hooked that the device recorded lullabies for babies. It’s very convenient.”

      As to the camera, Basharov said the camera, explaining that he has a big house. The entire purchase cost to the actor of 25 000 rubles. “Besides, Marat took our stubs to mobile phones. Really resent the fact that people who come to the theatre do not have neither shame nor conscience. Said be sure to install them in the room that no one interfere with their phone calls during the performance”, – explained the “StarHit” consultant.

      Let’s remind, that about pregnancy sweetheart Marat Basharova became known in March of this year. Pair long time hid that they have a baby. The actor and his fiancee Elizabeth and I met through a social network. The girl herself has written the star of the movie in Facebook, noting that he wants a date with him. The lovers ‘ relationship has evolved so rapidly that Shevarkov soon moved to Basharova, and then they announced the imminent addition to the family.

      MIFF 2016: Basharov with his pregnant wife and Kuletskaya for the first time after giving birth

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