Marat Basharov can not forget the years of lack of money

Марат Башаров не может забыть годы безденежья The actor spoke about the difficult childhood. By words of Marat Basharova, his parents could not fulfill all his whims, because the family lacked money. The actor told how he got a coveted toy.

      Марат Башаров не может забыть годы безденежья

      Famous actor and host of the show “Battle of psychics” Marat Basharov from an early age taught himself a lot of work. According to the artist, he tried to make it so that it met with all the success.

      When Basharov was little, his family experienced financial difficulties. Dad worked as a mechanic and my mother was a cook. In addition to Marat parents raised their sons, born in the first marriage of his father. The future movie star was understood that families cannot afford to buy him such expensive things as the other kids.

      “If I needed some kind of toy, machine, I, passing by, said, “Mom, I want this toy”. And she told me: “Son, no money.” And I said, “Mom, I want a toy!” She says, “And you pray to Allah, and He will give you a toy”. I prayed. Toy after a week I had,” recalled Basharov.

      According to the artist, from an early age parents taught him to pray and to believe, that all conceived will come true. As admitted Marat, so he struggled with moments of depression, which sometimes tortured him. The actor recalls that he was attacked by peers, and he was given offensive nicknames.

      “You know, my yard – I grew up in a residential area of Moscow was called Tatar, Tatar face. But nothing, I kept going. Now where are these people who called me names? Half of them – in our yard – served, half have not. That’s where they are, and that’s where I am,” said the Bashar in an interview with “RIA Novosti”.

      The actor did not pay attention to the views of the enemies, but only worked hard. In his opinion, the work is what helped him overcome the adversity he faced.

      Despite the problems in relations with ex-wives, Basharov was able to find happiness in his personal life. A few months ago he became a father again, the young wife Elizabeth presented him with a son. Besides, Marat persuaded the mother of his child to marry according to Muslim traditions.