Марат Башаров стал отцом во второй раз

41-year-old actor Marat Basharov for the second time became a father.

Son the actor gave birth to his girlfriend Elizabeth Shevarkov, which until then had been a fan of his.

Child weighing 3,410 kg and growth of 53 cm was born in one of capital clinics.

Note that the mother of the son of Marat is in a relationship for about a year, but to formalize their couple is not yet in a hurry.

Recall that the last official registration of the relationship ended for Basharova disadvantaged. Married to actress Catherine Ancharovoj, a few months later, the actor all over the country had to make excuses for the fact that he beat her up. Arkharov demanded a divorce and now the former spouses to hear each other do not want.


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