Марат Башаров оказался в центре скандала с экстрасенсами
Realitly opened the help centre name of the famous actor.

Marat Basharov

Photo: Yury Feklistov

It is known that after participating in the TV show “Battle
psychics” many wizards and witches, as they call themselves, gather in small groups and create a personal Agency of magic. Recently one
organization that offers assistance to people in different cases, called himself a “Centre
the name Marat Basharova”.

Name of the institution no one is confused: on the contrary, the customers trust
him, because the actor gave the centre its name, which is a brand and a guarantee of quality. The center exists
since 2008 and offers the assistance of psychics, mediums, parapsychologists and
clairvoyants. In the advertising brochure says that
consultations on any questions give the winners and finalists of the “Battle

One of the clients of this company. after
extortion another amount for magical services, decided to turn to Marat
Bacharova directly for clarification. She was sure that if a famous actor
not solve the situation, or at least stop the extortion. Only because of this Basharov
learned about the existence of the center itself. The actor immediately reported this information to
law enforcement agencies, stating that no relation to this organization
has. TV presenter added that he never dealt with scammers and