Марат Башаров снова стал отцом!
The actor has appeared two children.

Marat Basharov

Today during the humanitarian mission of the Russian Federation in the capital
Lebanon Marat Basharov signed the official documents in the custody of two
Syrian children, five-year and seven-year-old Ahmad ASMA.

“Children living in temporary refugee camps in the valley
Bekaa in Lebanon. Basharov will provide monthly financial assistance to these
children”, — told RIA Novosti the head of the Islamic charity Fund “Zakat”,
the mufti of Moscow, Ildar Alyautdinov, who participated in signing the

As reported, the actor, the custody of Syrian
refugee children — it is a personal choice and a religious duty.

Marat invited the kids and their mothers mouna Abdel Hamid
and Patino Atay to play “conversation with the soul” which will be held in February in
Moscow. “In addition to spelled out with my hand support, wish
to invite you to Russia so you can see my Homeland, my
friendly compatriots, wishing the people of Syria a peaceful sky over
head,” — said Basharov.

“This play, where I play an actor and Director,
talks about simple truths, our mistakes and opportunities to correct them. If
can’t come, pray for our work. But we are waiting for you in Russia”,
— told Basharov.