Много или мало: какую сумму алиментов назначил суд Вадиму Казаченко?
It became known how much the singer will pay the mother of your child.

Vadim Kazachenko with Olga

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On the eve of the debate of Vadim Kazachenko and his mother Olga’s child was the point. The court appointed child support in the amount of 13 thousand rubles, the son of the artist Philip and 18 thousand rubles for his mother. In the end in the month the singer would pay about 30 thousand rubles. Olga a result of the trial was left disappointed.

The fact that some time ago, Olga was ordered to pay Vadim 1 million rubles. This amount was spent by the artist on her before the wedding. The ex-wife Kazachenko is not working, as is caring for the small Philip. It turns out that the above amount it will pay to Vadim from child support? However, lawyers for the singer proved that Olga received fees from the TV show, so she has funds to care for the child and to repay the “debt” before the artist.

Kozachenko in court argued that because of the scandal with Olga he was seriously weak in health. He suffered a heart attack on the wave of public proceedings with his wife. Health problems affected his health. Supposedly for this reason he had to suspend concert activity, and therefore his income decreased dramatically.

By the way, it is possible that soon litigation between Vadim and Olga will resume. His lawyers said that during the hearing for child support Olga behaved unrestrained. “At the moment by Olga Martynova (Kazachenko) received a number of statements not only violate the honor and dignity of certain people, but fall under the criminal code, under art 137 of the criminal code. Now make a decision what to do with it…” — said representatives of Vadim.