Manufacturers flying skateboards are judged on Jennifer Lopez

Производители летающих скейтбордов судятся на Дженнифер Лопес

Remember how Marty McFly in the movie Back to the future ran away from his attackers, using something similar to a skateboard but without wheels? Certainly, many of you dreamed of have become owners of similar devices, which do not need a smooth road or a special area. In our modern world, the appearance of this Board has become only a matter of time and now, the Sidekick Group Corp company engaged in the production of hoverboards.

Of course, all the novelties and inventions try on many celebrities. Jennifer Lopez is no exception.

She concluded with a deal: according to the agreement the company provides hoverboards are concerts Lopez (42) is free, and the artist, in turn, actively promotes this invention. One side its condition fulfilled – on the show Jennifer in Las Vegas and her dancers used hoverboards, but the Lopez stripped themselves of any obligations. Representatives of the Sidekick Group Corp argue that Lopez posted only one advertising message that is later removed. From singer require 54 thousand dollars for the hoverboards are, which have been modified at the request of Lopez for her show.

Comments from Lopez not yet been received.